2020 Tribute Gifts

2020 Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor:
Bussiere and Giasson Families
Lillian Luciano Brilhante
John Raposa, Jr.
My father, Charles Johnson
My father and mother, who gave me a Catholic education
Salvatore Miniacci


Gifts in Memory:
Anthony and Genevieve Ziccardi
Anthony Joseph Pacheco
Collard and Strojny families
Corey and Flynn family
D. Carlo family and Wrightington family
Donald E. Mays
Ferreira/Leger Families
George G. Ratcliffe
Glenn J. Teixeira

Hon. Beatrice Hancock Mullaney
Irene Cournoyer
John S. Koska
Jose Carvalho
Jose L. Gervasio
Katherine and Henry Rodzen
Manuel D. Raposo
Manuel, Ricardo and Maria Pereira
Margaret J. Sylvia, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lescault
Mr. and Mrs. John Rego
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brilhante
My brother Tony Mello
My dad and brother: John J. Finn and Christopher N. Finn
My parents
Normand Morrissette and Georges Beaudoin
Raymond Cousineau
William DeMello Sr., my husband

Gifts in Honor:
Angel Astin
Derrick Silva
Jim and James Keough
Monica De Melo
St. Vincent de Paul Society


Gifts in Memory:
Adelino P. Paulo
Americo Alegi family
Antonio and Maria Da Gloria Sousa and Mary Jo Ferreira
Cesar Aguiar
Children of Cambodia that survived the killing fields
Deceased members of my family
Evelyn M. Perry
Family Medino and Family Tavaras
Francis M. O’Boy
Eric Astin
Family’s mothers and fathers

Joan Pina and Robert and Elizabeth Kearney
Joao and Evangelina Coelho
John Manuel Costa
Jose and Ernestina Decosta, Albertino Freire Bicho, and Elvira Barros
Joseph and Victor Oliveira
Joseph Laranjo
Manuel M. Lima
Manuel O. Souza, Mr and Mrs. August Hoffman
Minha familia
My mother
My parents, Armindo and Gracinda DeSousa
Rita R. Lovell
Robert C. and Natalie Donnelly, Sr.
Rubencito and Carlitos Santos
Stanley H. Frith
Stella Rogers
Tina Francis
Walter and Stephanie Gallagher
Weber Manuel Mateo

Gifts in Honor:
All who are struggling and need help
Christopher Hughes
Essential Workers
Farrell Gallaway
Father Healey
Julie Killion Stockless
Matthew Laird and Christopher Hughes
The Catholic Schools of Cape Cod
The Howard family
Thomas Irvine
Those I promised to pray for


Gifts in Memory:
Angelo and Catherine Maraggio
Anne T. Shaw
Anthony Lafauce
Arlene Kacvinski
Barbara Mary Melvin
Bernandino D. Pallera
Claudette (“Cammy”) MacDonald
Danny Gaboury
Dawn Marie Mourey
Deacon Greg Beckel
Donald Mullenhour
Doris Fisher
Edward R. Walsh
Eleanor and Michael Gorman
Eugene J. McElroy
Eugene Murray
Glenn Dupree
Helen Vogel
Henry and Finnegan families
Hubert F. Travers, Jr.
James Chelotti and Ryan Leary
James H. McNamara

James J. Laughlin
James Kaminske
Joan Belouin
Joan Mary Powers
John B. Kern
Joseph Blanchard
Joseph Logan
Julie Ann McCabe
Julie Therese
Laura and Harry Vieira
Leo and Ethel Curley
Louis T. Panaccione
Margaret Giannino
Marina and Quirino Guilani
Mary A. Duddy
Mary and Clayton Retolue
Mary Ann Betlev and Helen Butkus
Members of the Apruzzese and Cipolla families
Myrtle Still, Antonio G. Brum
Our parents
Our parents and grandparents
Paul C. St. Germain
Paul Keith Krayer
Paula Marie Danforth
Raymond Bernier
Richard Santangelo
Rita and Derek Hughes
Robert M. Dillon (father), Robert F. Dillon (son)
Ruth and Stephen Maney
Ryan Leary and Jim Chelotti
The Hulett and Roberts families
The Kocian and Carberry deceased family members
Timothy Lally
William Bedard

Gifts in Honor:
Catherine Simisky
Fortunato N. Rotondo, Mary A. Rotondo
Father George Harrison
James E. Murphy
Justin George
Marguerite Sword
Mrs. Claire Jean (brain cancer)
Our 50th Wedding Anniversary
Our grandparents
Our parents
Renee Murphy, fighting cancer
Souza and Thompson families
William J. and Margaret C. Tracey


Gifts in Memory:
Adeline, Marie, Jude, Edgar
Alan C. Moranville, Sr. and Jr.
Ann Barents
Anthony and Marie Masello
Brian and Arthur Flynn
Caroline Lomba
Daniel J. Ferraioli, Pvt. 1st Class, U.S. Marine Corp
Dante F. Gallerani
Deceased members of family
Delbert L. Brandenburg, Jr.
Donald F. Price
Doris A. Kurlansky
Edward and Margaret Donahue
Fortunato N. Rotondo, Mary A. Rotondo
Frances and Paul Moriarty
Francine Marie Fahey (wife)
Francis X. Timmons, Sr.

Helen and Edward Daudelin
Hilda and Marianno Thomas
Mabel George
James Doucette
John Paul Leahy
Joseph C. Joyce
Katherine W. Earle
Kevin Schneider
MacQuade family
Marie Ann Swift
Mark A. Breen
Mary A. Forti
Mary and Michael Comick
Mary Ellen Spinello
Mary Harper
Maurice Cormier
Mr. and Mrs. David Cushing, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donato F. and Lucille B. Niro
Murray, Lillian, and Robert Cianciolo
My son Edward A. James, Jr.
My son Ted, who passed away April 5, 2018
Oliva A. Farrell
Our grandparents
Our parents
Our son, Brian Aherne, Jr.
Paul Moussally
Peg and Dana
Phyllis and Ken Atwood
Preston Harding Davis
Richard Joseph Gormley
RuthAnn Lenihan
Steven Broderick
Thomas A. Kaminski
Thomas J. Reid

Gifts in Honor:
Elias da Ponte
Emilia Silva,  mother and father
Familia Penacho
Fernando Cabral,  Manuel and Maria Machado
Helena Goncalo and family
Joao Goncalo and Fernanda Pimentel family
The Holy Spirit
Jose and Maria Carvalho, Antonio and Maria Pacheco
Maria Antonio and Camilo Pacheco
Jesus – Divine Mercy
Jose Soares, Caridades Catholicas
Maria and Antonio, Camilo Pachelo, Maria and Arthur Perry
Maria Branco,  Eduardo Branco
Maria Luz Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Silva (parents)


Gifts in Memory:
Alfred Oliveira
All my loved ones and Natalia Medeiros
Antonio Adolfo and Arthur and Isabel Arruda
Antonio Andrade
Antonio Cardoso and Lucinda Guedes
Antonio Correia
Antonio Jacob
Antonio Oliveira
Antonio Raposo
Araujo and Carvalho deceased families
Armindo Correia
Bettencourt and Correra family
Christopher Oliveira
Costa and Pavao family
Couto Family and Branco family
Cristiano, Antonio, Ilda DaPonte
Deceased Members of the Gaudencio family
Derek Rego
Dimas Pereira
Donovan Bailey
Edmond W. Antaya, Jr.
Eduardo Lima
Evaristo Soares and John R. Romiti
Family members that have passed
Faria and Jacome family
Francisca Teisceira Cano
Francisco Almeida
Gilda Salvador
Guilherme P. Silva
Guilherme P. Silva and Maria Arruda
Heitor Sousa and Eduarda Sousa
Helena Goncalo and family,  Joao Goncalo and Fernanda Pimentel family
Ida DaSilva
Emilia Silva, mother and father
Fernando Cabral,  Manuel and Maria Machado
Maria and Antonio, Camilo Pachelo

Maria and Arthur Perry
Maria Branco,  Eduardo Branco
Jenado and Machado families
Joao and Helena Estacio
Joao and Sisaltina Arruda
Joao C. Medeiros
Joao Goncalo and Fernanda and Jose Pimentel
John, Leonardo, and Mariana De Sousa
Jordan M. Cabral
Jose A. Gonsalves and Antonio and Catelvina Martins
Jose and Teresa Jacob
Jose Arruda and Family
Jose C. Garcia
Jose Demedeiros
Jose Dias Esteves and Albertina Moreira
Jose Esracio-Jose Viveiros
Jose Maria Farias
Jose Maria Silva
Jose O. Simoes
Jose Varao
Joseph Mello, David Mello, and Irene Eugenio
Joseph P. Viveiros
Josi Costa
Liberia M. Nunes
Luis and Gloria Dias,  Joao and Maria Correia
Luis and Maria Pavao
Manuel and Mario Jose Almeida
Manuel Botelho
Manuel Botelho and Felho Fernando
Manuel Chaves
Manuel Rego Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Silvia
Manuel, Teves, Jose and Luis
Margrida Rego and husband LWS
Maria and Arthur Perry
Maria Miranda
Maria S. Antunes
Mariana, Manuel and Frank Favor
Mario Oliveira, Jr.
Medeiros and Massa families
Mother Oriana Baptista
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Medeiros and Americo Mendes
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Pereira and Sons
My dad Manuel Botelho
My family
My husband, William
Norman Rishmany
Our loved ones who have passed
Parents Diniz and Oriane Baptista
Reis family
Ronald Copsetta
Rosa Vuttao
Seraphim Correia
Theresa Miranda
Vincent and Mary Krasher
Viveiros and Rego family

Gifts in Honor:
Adrian J. and Sue A. Martini
Daniel Machado
The Heart of Jesus


Gifts in Memory:
Albert, Lorraine and Joanne Boivin
All who died because of the virus
Amancio Graca
Botelho Family
Carneiro family
Correia family and Peretra family
Deceased members of my family
Dorene Mello
Emily and Raymond Hryciw
Ernest Hebert
Ernesto Coelho
Gerald Ferreria-Angie Viveiros
Germano Medeiros
Gilbert Silvia
Jose and Maria Soares and Lucy Pavao
Joao Nego and Manuel Sousa
Fernando and Jose Miguel Fernandes
Italo, Ilia, Rita, and Paul Bertoncini
Joaquin S. Pixoto
John and Ruth Mello

John and Mary Haggerty
Joseph and Josephine Scurio
Jovina and Bento Sousa
Karen Augustine
Kenneth A. Germano
Labecki and Robillard family
Leah Coady
Leonel Gomez family
Lucille Ross
Manuel Antunes, Angelina Antunes, and Jose Inancio
Manuel de Sousa
Manuel Raposo and Jose Rocha
Maria Decarmo and Luiz J. Medeies
My son Wayne A. Correia
Our parents: Manuel M. Medeiros, Alma C. Medeiros, Alfred F. Almeida Sr., and Dorothea R. Almeida
Paul Wright
Pedro and Delia Melo
Raymond and Francis Halbardier
Rita Dumont
Robert A. Chretien
The world
Thomas L. Furtado
Thomas Sirois
Vasconcellos and Farias families

Gifts in Honor:
Father Monsignor Perry
Father Mike Nagle
Jessie Tillman and David Munn


Gifts in Memory:
Al and Libby Doyle
Alfred and Ruth Metell
Alison Smith
Claire and Drew Dufresne
Evelyn DeBettencourt
Ginger Carlisle and Janet O’Keeffe
Husband, son, three grandchildren in their 30s, sister

In Memory Vieara family
Jack Straub
Joan Baptiste and Herbert Lester Baptiste, Sr.
Joan Grace Matarazzo
Karen Crall Fallon
Maria Bettencourt, Noreen Bettencourt and Susan Bettencourt
My husband, Michael A. Joakim
Remo, Alice, Phil and Tim Fullin
Robert E. Kinnecom
Timothy Kaminski
Victims of the Coronavirus
Willie Egerton (died May 10, 2020)

Gifts in Honor:
Mary A. Smallwood
Our family
Pat Brophy-Signori
Robert James


Gifts in Memory:
Anne Crane and Thomas Crane
Beverly Iannitelli
Cedrone Family
Charles and Louise Smallwood
Claire Marie Sullivan
Colleen Allen
Daniel R. Fierro
Deceased Dixon and Liversedge families
Earl Charland

Father John Murphy, CSC
Helen Simpson
Huffenus and Moore families
Jeanne Morgan Seprinski
Joanne Pilz
Joh Witiaz
John St. Onge
Katie Galvin
Louis Tardito
Madeline and Andre Levesque and Rachel Jussaume
Mary and Edward Levesque
Maura Kane
Michael and Ines Graly
My wife, Laura
Stephanie Hanson
T.V. Kelly

Gifts in Honor:
Father Richard Wilson
Mary, Our Blessed Mother
Those on the front line in the pandemic


Gifts in memory:
Agostino and Filomena Sousa
All Souls
Ann M. Burns
Antone and Mary Perry
Antonio and Tony Chaves
Bonas family
Daniel Nunes (husband of 58 years)
Delores Vincent
Donald Cardoza
Edward and Agnes Fowler
Elizabeth A. Melo
Ernest and Alveda DiFiore
Father Raul Lagoa
Fernand Medeiros
Frank and Catherine Fernandez
Henry C. Benoit, Sr.

Henry Diniz
James and Lillian McCaffrey
Janet M. Valla
Jose and Isaura Ferreira, Antonio Bairos
Joseph and Irene Castro
Jules and Lucienne Gamache
Jun W. Isabel
Leonard E. Goslin
Louise Punda
Maria G. Mota
Mary, Manuel and Joseph Homen
Melo and Oliveira families
My dad, Arthur A. Hubert
My family
Parents, Abel and Mary Oliver
Philip G. and Shirley R. David
Philip Lavigne
Richard J. Perry
Sousa family
Stephen Leclair
Ted C. and Dorothy M. Lippold
The Murray and Jaacks family
Willis and Helen Gove

Gifts in Honor:
All essential workers
All souls
Ann Marie Mlynek
Elzina Medeiros
Januario and Eulalia DeMelo
My parents
The end of COVID-19
The Holy Family


Gifts in Memory:
Armand L. Boudria and Thomas L. Boudria
Barbara Herbert
Carmilla and Renette Avila
Catherine Louth
Charles A. Frascatore
Claudette B. Desrosiers
Dr. Daniel T. Harrington
Dr. John E. Delaney
Eugene Hubert
Frank and Phyllis Connolly
Gilda Torres
Gladys Costa
Ann Marie Mlynek, Lawrence Dusablon
The Holy Family,  Eugene Hubert
J. Barry and Gabrielle M. McDonald
James and Madalaine Maddock
Jerimiah and Auxilia Lowney
John T. Scanlon
Joseph Medeiros
Joseph Russell Daley and Edmour R. and Evelyn Lapierre
Josephine Benevides
Judith Gagliardi
June Whalley Chouinard

Laurel A Collins
Lawrence Dusablon
Leo and Jeannette Longchamps
Robin St. Michel
Lorraine Cadrin
Luis and Berta Medeiros
Manuel and Adeline Vieira
Albert and Augustina Lima
Mary Gouveia
Michael Healy Flanagan
Mom and dad
Mr. and Mrs. August and Mary M. Souza
Mr. and Mrs. Adrien Picard
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Fortin
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Perreault
My grandparents
My wife, Sandra M. Garant
Natalie K. DiRuzza
Our parents
Peter Ouellette, Maureen Mary Elizabeth Cullen
Phil and Julia Sowa
Reginald Cousineau
Rene W. Lavoie
Robert Heroux
Robert P. Alves
Sbrega-Manijak families
Shirley Pacheco
Sophie and Stanley Polka
The Doyle family
The Whalon and Duffy family
William F. Whalon and Anne Duffy Whalon
Thomas F. Burke, Jr.
Timothy C. Sullivan
William Mello

Gifts in Honor:
All Veterans
James C. Rossi, Sr. family
Patricia Ann Rossi Roch
Pierre C. Seguin (died 12/9/2018)
The Bancroft family


Gifts in Memory:
Roger Robitaille
All souls of Purgatory
Anne Finnerty Crapo
Arnold Avellar
Connie and Roger Menard
David and Lucille Amaral
Valmore and Rita Gonneville
Deceased Lima/Medeiros family members
Deceased members of family
Dorothy and Fred Almeida
Rita and Chuck Hickman
Edmund, Aline, and James Santos
Edward Cabral
Emile J. Reale
Eric Fernandes
Frank Carr
Gilbert R. Medeiros
Maria Aguilar
James Perry
John and Merces Perry
Kathleen Nelson
Ken and Mary Nelson
James R. Collins
John and Mary Lima

Jose and Maria Torres
Joe Torres
Luisa Reis
Joseph Romeo Langevin
Joseph-Rosalma Rock
Laura and Joseph Correia
Kathleen Dexter
John and Connie Teixeira
Lillian and Frank Abrea
Lillian Openshaw
Linda Oliveira
Lucille A. Violette
Lucille and John Lourenco
Madeline Rogissart
Manuel and Maria Medeiros
Manuel and Idalina de Medeiros
Manuel and Maria Amaral
Michael and Stanley Praisner
My parents
My parents and brother
My son Shayne Lombardi
Nunes and Peccini families
Patricia Ann Rossi Rock
Pierre C. Seguin
Priscilla Dean
Rauch family
Napier family
Raymond Pires, Sr.
Richard Renoir
Richard T. Saunders
Robert C. Sylvia
The Oliveira and Furtado families
Vytas Mitchell
Y. George and Sarah T. Zatir

Gifts in Honor:
All medical staff that have worked so hard during the COVID-19 pandemic
Homayoyn Kazemi
Lorraine Bolus


Gifts in Memory:
Bob Ledoux
Brian Robinson, my son and James Robinson, my husband
Claire DeAngelis
Dixie Weishaar
Edward Forgeron
Emma and Bill Duarte

James A. Griffin, Sr.
John Greeley
Lorraine Bolus
Mary E. Roca
My wife
Nancy L. Whiteley
Nancy Lynn Whiteley
Nataline J. Tavalone
Our parents
Patricia Barry
Ray Jarrett
Sherill A. Duggan
The Grey and Guptill families
Thomas Colucci
Victoria Worden

Gifts in Honor:
Deceased family members
Jesus Christ my God and Savior
Joseph T. and Maria C. Pimentel
Luis da Silva
Manuel Nunes
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Gagne
My husband Edward Lambert
Odilia Andrade
Randy Lucciola
Robin Medeiros
Steven Laquene


Gifts in Memory:
Albert and Beatrice Rapoza
Albert Beaudoin
All our loved ones
Anne and Steve St. Pierre, Debra Donovan
Antonio and Mariana Rocha
Antonio, Hilda, Gilbert, and Messias Pereira
Armand and Rose-Helene Boutin
Artur Oliveira
Barbara O’Neil
Beatrice Martins
Beatrice Martins and Mr. and Mrs. William F. Belmore
Benjamin Boudria
The Bradbury Family
Cecelia Affonso
Cecile and Richard Cloutier
Charlotte “Pat” McCoy
Daniel Saunders Sr.,  Daniel Saunders Jr.
Dinis Barreira, Paul and Dorothy Jean
Emily and Antone Pacheco and Francis Arruda

Gilbert A. Faria
Henry Beaudry
Stephen Woyciechowski
Joao dos Santos
Manuel Nunes
Joseph DeMello
Roger Levesque
All Those Who Have Passed Away
Irene Proulx
James Martin
James Souza and Michael Souza
Januario Rocha and Ashley Gouveia
Jerome D. Marques and Family
John Hopkins
John P. Lynn
Jordan Costa
Jose Botelho
Joseph G. Grace
Levasseur and Beaudoin Family
Manuel and Margaret O. Silvia
Manuel and Maria Borges, Hank and Beatrice Hosburgh
Manuel R. Mendonca
Manuel Raposo
Melanson Family
Michael Botelho and  Loved Ones
Mr. and Mrs. George Ponte
My parents
My parents and husband
Normand Blanchette
Normand, Claire, and Albert Melanson
Remy and Valcourt Families
Robert Chouinard and Eva Bishop
Sidney Garell
The souls in purgatory
Theodore J. Bernier
Victorino Soares Jr.

Gifts in Honor:
Bresnahan family
Margaret and Tom Kilgariff


Gifts in Memory:
Ann and Jim McGrath
Catherine Roth
Charles M. Curran
Cremin and McGrann families
Deceased family and friends
Dick Sampson, Chuck Kaplan, and Paul Kilgariff
Doyle and Bates families
Frank Aldrich
Frank DeMello
Ida and Malcolm Slayter
Margaret and Tom Kilgariff
Irene and Arthur Cote (my mom and dad)
John and Jane Hanley

Joseph Jolly
Laudalino Ferreira
Litli Daley
Mary and Matthew Pickett
Michael Eacobacci
Michael J. Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bositis and Mr. and Mrs. Vito Ananis
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Carney
My parents and my brother
Nancy S. Porter
Our parents
Philip S. Eagan
Robert Sullivan
Rocco and Joyce Tortella
Ryan J. Ottino
Samuel Brackett
Thomas and Dorothy Travers
Winnifred and Dick Tracy

Gifts in Honor:
Camara Lord and Barross Families
My family
My wife, Ann


Gifts in Memory:
Caldera and Green families
Deceased family members
Don and Mary Fresh, Fran and Babe Lallahan
Eva Hebert
J. Jacques Tremblay

Jim Friedeborn (Son)
John V. Harrington
John Wheadon
Mary B. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan and Mr. Robert Hardiman
Paul Vetri, Nicole St. John, Joseph S. Lindback, Jr.
Robert Gallagher, Jr.
The Bausch family
Vitorino and Diana America
William S. Mowatt

Gifts in Honor:
Agnes Thomas
Guy and Virginia Oliveira
Mary and Adrian and family
Richard B. Monteiro
The Rocha family
The Seeley family


Gifts in Memory:
Alice R. Dias
Alice, Mabel, Danny, and Neil
Amaro and Elizabeth Duarte
Antone, Corinne, and Anthony Monteiro
Arlene G. Andrade
Carolyn Timm
Charlotte Figueiredo
Daniel Sylvester
Domingas and Domingos Brito
Duarte and Gomes Families
Emilia DePina
Ernesto Soares
Maria Amelia L. Fernandes
Evelyn and Joseph Baptista
Francisco and Rosa C. Silva
Francisco Lopes Varela

Georgina De Pina
Herbert R. Turner
“Mother” Agnes Thomas
Brothers and sisters
Adolph and Gloria Monteiro
Mom – Sally, brothers – Robert and Earl Seeley
Irene Tavares Phillip
Joao and Joana Duarte
Joao Medeiros
Johanna Campini
John and Mary Gonsalves
Jorge Sinais (Santos)
Joseph Jacinto
Joseph Lopes Almeida
Manuel Mary-Lopes
Maria Sao Jose and Manuela Dagloria and families
MaryAnn Santos
Maryanne Lombra
Mildred Lopes
Nancy Lima
Our Parents
Santos, Rodrigues, and Payne families
The Texeira Family

Gifts in Honor:
Mr. and Mrs. Louis and Gladys Bellio
Pat Croston
Reverend Francis Manning
The Callahan family


Gifts in Memory:
Anne and Les Brennan
Anne and Frank Leonard
Bertha and Bernard Donnelly
Bryon Clegg
Carol Ball Ryan
Daniel Joseph Driscoll, Jr.
Deceased loved ones – Baldo, Cooper, and Foote families
Edmund and Mary Murphy

Edmund F. and Mary P. Murphy
Frank and Jeannette O’Connor
James W. O’Connor
John Russell and Mary LaForge
John Syzmanski
Justin Parker
Kusek family
Lavalle and Dean family
Lorraine Ventura
Lt. William F. Fogarty (MA State Police)
Maria Plaza-Giovannelli
Monroe and Whiteley and Grechey families
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carroll
Perry and Barber family
Reverend John Perry
Richard L. Curley
Virginia Callahan Sullivan

Gifts in Honor:
Edward V. O’Connell
Jane T. Christie Jr
John and Edna Moylan
Our Lady of the Cape
Scott Richard
The Hoyle Family


Gifts in Memory:
All Deceased Members of Moylan family
Alma and Tom Curran and Carol
Ann Marie Sugermeyer
Anne Beaudet
Annerose Ferretti
Bernard J. Regenauer
Bill and Jim Verrochi
Bruce Raymond
Carol McDermott
Connor Ciesielski
COVID-19 Victims
Deceased family and friends
Donald Craft
Donald Villa
Dr. Robert Dolan
Edward R.F. Sheehan
Henry Greene
Ian and Patrick
Gerard and Margaret Geraldine Hoyle
Irene, Allan, and Richard Cameron

Jack Denard
James B. Trask
James Leo Prendergast
Janet and Louis Iadarola
Joan Giordano
Joe and Barbara Murphy
John and Mary Manasas and Ray and Rita Sweeney
John A. Groele Jr.
John and Jane Lahive
John Gorrigan
Joseph E. Kopitsky, Jr.
Larry Furey
Launton Simpkins
Louis Carrol Pritchett
Mario Miele
Mary C. Julian
Mary Piersall, Maurita Moan
Melissa Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Beaudin, Sr.
Mrs. Joan Reddington Golden
Our parents
Philip and Margery Tracy
Philip N. Wherity
Raymond Bliss
Robert M. Short
Roland Tremblay
St. Linda
Stephen Botelho, Jr.
The Regis family
William Cauley
William T. Flynn

Gifts in Honor:
Bertha Hess


Gifts in Memory:
Gautreau, Hubert, and LeBlanc families
George Dacosta
Bertha Hess
Jacob Fabian
Jason Leonardo and Jose Leonardo

Joseph Amarello
Joseph and Eileen Ferreira
Mario and Fatima Santos
K9 Sgt. Sean McNamee Gannon
Mr. Ernest Raphael
My deceased family members
Nancy P. Graca
Paul R. Boutin
Reinaldo Medeiros
Robert J. Maciejewski

Gifts in Honor:
Carmen Tavares
Christopher M. Cordeiro
Lucie Goulet
Walter and Joyce Szelag


Gifts in Memory:
Antonio Irene Medeiros sons, daughter Paula Sousa
Arthur Bergeron, Jr.
Augustine Viveiros
Brenda Lee Almeida
Cunha and Mello families
Diane T. Machado
Donald Nadeau
Emanuel and Evelyn Sousa
George Carpenter and Normand Michaud
George Duclos
Lorraine Goulet
James Simmons

Janine Carleton
Jay Patrick Quinn
John and Mary Haggerty
Joseph A. Dufort
Lorraine Lepire
Manuel G. Pacheco
Maria and Manuel Correia
Mary Louise Carvalho
Moniz and Pacheco families
Mother and father
My mother, Alice DeMendonca
Normand and Robert Menard
Our daughter, Lisa Marie Branco Bellavance
Our two daughters, Debi and Brenda
Paul E. Vidal
Ray W. Lavoie
Rev. Ralph Tetrault
Valerio P. Andrade
Vieira/Fuller family
Yvonne Brogan and Mary Vale

Gifts in Honor:
Angel Vasquez
Donald Bruneau
Joan Ambrocio Rivas
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus
The Refugees Program of Families H.O.U.S.E
The Souza family
The unborn


Gifts in Memory:
Alfred Leger
All my loved ones
All the faithfully departed
Angela Cores
Benvinda Rebello
Caron and McCann Families
D.M. Perry and Joshua J. Greaves
Danny A. Chieppa
Evelyn and Joseph Baptista

Frederic R. Melancon
Gerald Stabell
Gertrude Aubut and Ethan Marshall
Gill and Silva Families
Humberto Sousa
Francis Lecuyer
Maria Saidora Martinez De Rivas
Robert Souza
Dorothy M. Sylvia
Joao L. and Maria G. Souza
Jose and Henrique Costa and Cecilia Taveira
Joseph E. Sousa III
Maria and James T. Wing
Maria Da Gloria Garcia Dutra
Mariano Lopes
My husband, Lawrence P. Hughes
Rita Valiquette
Sergio A. Real Castillo
William J. Brocklehurst (father)

Gifts in Honor:
Father Mick


Gifts in memory:
Edward P. DeCourcey
Eugene F. Cormier
Joseph Matthews

Joyce S. Donahoe
My departed loved ones
Philip F. Cabral
Ronald and Dorothy Eastman
Ronald Thureson
Theresa Longo Mas
Varley, Sullivan, and Wilds families

Gifts in Honor:
All my deceased family members
All of our first responders
Antonio Lucilia Costa
Belmira Pacheco
COVID-19 cure
Family members
Manuel and Esposa
Prayers answered by Senhor Santo Christo
Suzanne Goncalves
Maria Rosa
Michael Silvia and family
My family
My mom, Louise Hunt
Sr. S. Cristo dos Milagres


Gifts in Memory:
All souls
Paul Gomealo
Adelina Brum
Alfredo Oliveira
All deceased family members and souls of purgatory
All who died from COVID-19
Alves and Morgado families
Antonio and Conceicao de Abreu Dos Reis
Antonio Amaral Esposa
Arlindo J. Da Silva
Armando Da Rosa
Arthur A. Vasconcellos
Artur and Rosa Martins
Augusto Victorino
Ava and Jorge Pereira
Brady Perniera
Carlos Medeiros and Mary Lou
Claude and Thomas Morgado
Deceased family, Santos and Cravero
Deceased members of Rego and Moco families
Deceased members of the Guida family and Anibal Pereira
Edward Cardoza
Elaine and Lena Ponte
Elias Fernandes and Antonio Melo
Evaristo and Maria Couto
Familia Frias
Francis Ferreira
Francisco and Elisa Martins
Gil and Maria Moniz
Gilbert Pavao
Gramma, Grandpa
Our parents
My dad and sister, Arthur Hunt and Theresa Hunt
Ismeria and Antonio Correia-Manuel Pavao
Jaime da Silva Santos

Jesse Ferro
Joan and Maria Isabel Salvador
Joan and Zacarias Borges Ferreira
Joao Angelo
Joao R. Vertentes
John E. Lester
John S Cabral
Jordan Oliveira
Jorge A. Pedro and Walter Pedro (my sons)
Jose and Bobby Coelho
Jose D. Costa
Jose E. Coucelos
Jose Luis Damasio
Jose P. Amaral
Jose Pimentel DeRego
Jose Veiga
Jovalina Amaral
Julieta and Jose de Lima
Lucilia M. Demelo
Lucilla DeMello
Luis, Gloria, and Isabel Carvalho
Manuel and Gloria Pavao
Manuel Afonso
Manuel and Alice Oliveira
Manuel and Lucia Horta and Steven Horta
Manuel Cabral
Manuel F. Maria J. Cardoso
Manuel Goncalves
Manuel L. and  John L.
Margarida, Gil, and Joseph Xavier
Maria Ana Do Rego and Manuel Piedade
Maria Araujo
Maria C. Almeida
Maria Couto
Maria Lourdes Pacheco
Maria Natevidade Vieira
Maria Silva
Meus pais y meus sogres
Michael Paul Freitas
Miss Maria C. Medeiros
Mozart Amaral and family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferreira
My family
My son, Jo Bagaco
Nelson Silva
Os defuntos da Alexandra Matos
Our deceased grandparents and other family members
Our parents
Reverend Manuel Garcia
Richard Carreiro
The Ferreira, Luis, and Nicolau families
Tiberio Couto
Toda a familia a Pageida
Tony Da Silveira
Tony De Silveira and Sarah
Victor M. Coelho
Vieira family and Rebello family

Gifts in Honor:
Sandra Hall
Amelia Mattiello
Amella Hicks
Frederick and Mary Kehler
Jennifer Shallcross
Maria Regan
My brother, Peter Scheffer
My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Michaud
The Glory of God
The Marques family


Gifts in Memory:
Adams and Woodside families
Agnes and Elmer McCauley
All Souls of Purgatory
Anita Trahan
Bernard and Mary Burns
Carmine Ippolio
Catherine Silva
Claire Petraitis
Daniel Russo
Deceased members of the Hamel and Cunningham family Irma Ruscetta
Deceased members of the Mattiello Family
Deceased son, Brian
Denise R. Clegg
Dennis Farias
Dennis R. Lima and Michael D. Lima
Donald M. Lynch
Donald Vine: Please pray for your faithful servant that he may see the face of God and live
Dorothy and Thomas Downes
Emily and Manuel Benevides
Frank Santoro

Jacqueline E. Hull
James A. McGregor
James S. Whitaker
Jean, Ruth, and Marie
Jim Drapeau
Joey Reis
John J. Brett
John J. Mulvey, Sr.
John M. Connors
Johnny Rebelo
Jorge Rijo
Jorisato Marques and Frank Marques
Jose Janeiro and Alfredo and Teresa Peixoto
Joseph Costa
Jung Vieira
Kelly Jean Tapley
Leonard and Mary Berlo
Madalina Comera, Mr. and Mrs.  Decastro and Mr. and Mrs. Vargas
Marie Maggie Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dunn
Parents, Ana Hien and Paul Wong
Patricia Hanley
Patrick Gregorek
Paul, Eric, and James
Ralph Barnes
Richard A. Goudreau
Richard Johannis
Richard Kugel and Frank Magee
Richard R. LaPorte and Hazel and James E. Riley
Richard Vermette
Robert Kaveny, Jr.
Roger and Anna Gagnon
Samuel Mulholland
Sandra Hall
Vin and Babe Hawkins
William D. Ward

Gifts in Honor:
Andrew Engenio and family
Antonio and Eulalia DeAlmeida
Antonio Farias
Antonio Valente
Arruda and Morgado families
Eduardo Sousa
Ernet Rodrigues
The Immaculate Conception
Jeremias Camara
Joaquim and Maria Manso
Jose N. Perice
Jose Vasconcelos
Manuel Braga
Manuel and Maria Sousa
Maria Loibania Frias
Maria Resendes
Medeiros family
The Barcelos family
Vergilio C. Resendes
Vitimas do Coronavirus


Gifts in Memory:
Alfredo Cardoso
All Our Family and Souls of Purgatory
Ana Barroso (sister)
Andre De Arede
Antonio A. Raposo
Antonio Aguiar e Esposa
Manuel Barrerra e Esposa
Antonio and Maria Francisco
Antonio and Rosa Pinhanars, Maria Ribero, and Antonio P., Jr.
Antonio Arlimdo Lerias
Antonio Borges
Antonio Brandao
Antonio Resendes
Antonio Sousa and Antonio Silveira
Armand, Jose, and Carolina Coutinho
Arthur and Matilda Lima and granddaughters
Arthur Branco
Benjamin Elisa Osvaldo DaSilva
Bogirio Oliveira
Clement Rezendes
Clemente Medeiros and Berta Faria
David DeMelo
Desiderio Frias
Dois irmaos, Gilberto Antonio and Antero
Domiciano Carreiro, Victor Carreiro, and Noe Medeiros
Eduarda Sousa
Eduardo I. deMelo
Eduardo Simas
Edward Simas (passed away May 8, 2020)
Elias and Olivia Lindo
Ernesto F. Pereira, Ernesto Amaral, and Christine Amaral
Maria De Rosario
Estefainia Arsenio
Evaristo Benfieto
Fass Family
Father Alfredo Raposo
Fernando Magalhaes
Filho Manuel Rebelo
Filimeno and Dinis Amaral
Filmeno Amaral, and grandparents
Francisco DeOliveira
Francisco Pinhancos  M. Assuncion Rego
Hilario L. Machado
Hildberto Amaral
Joaquim E. Rio, wife, and family

Raul and Silvina DeAlmeida
Adilia Sousa
Albina F. Alves and Caroline Antonio
Caroline Armijo
Alfredo Da Costa
Manuel Dutra and John Dutra
Resendes family
Jils Medeiros family
Guillermo Resposo, Antonio Camara, and Maria Raposo
Isaque and Julieta Camara
Jacinto Costa and Abilio Carreiro
Jacqueline Y. Brisson
James and Patricia Fonseca
Joao Paiva
John and Agnes Santos
John Correia
John, Lucy, and Ernest Perry
Jose A. Medeiros
Jose Augusto Alves
Jose B. Monteiro
Jose Fernandes
Jose Medeiros
Jose Pacheco and family
Jose R. Sousa
Jose, Lucrecia, and Antonio
Lazaro and Brandao families
Ledonia DeMelo
Luis and Maria Duraes
Lydia DeMedeiros and family, Evangelina Teixeira and family
Manuel and Maria Jose Vieira
Manuel and Maria Aguiar
Manuel Goncalves
Manuel Goncalves and Ilda Goncalves
Manuel J. Silva
Manuel Pacheco
Manuel R. and Olivia R. Cabral
Manuel Rebelo
Manuel S. Valente
Manuel Trindade
Manuel, Maria, and Librino
Manuel, Maria, Adrian Valadao
Maria B. Vargas (My Mom)
Maria da Gloria e Yacinto
Maria das Dores Duarte
Maria Martins
Maria Vaz Isabel Aguial
Maryjose da Costa
Michael Soares
Minha Mae, Maria C. Melo
Mr. and Mrs Manuel Netto
My parents
My wife, Maria B. Vargas
Our loved ones
Parents passed away
Ricardo Cabral and Grandmother
Rosa Goncalves
Sebastiao Almeida
Semiao Clementino and Joao DeRego
Susette P. Almeida
Teodomiro Rocha
Teresa Paiva
Terias Curara
The Braga and Leite families
The family of Antonio and Celeste Vasconcelos
The Simas family by Maria J. Lima Simas
Ulisses Correia
Valentim family and Oliveira family
Vincent Jasinski
Vincent Paul Jasinski and Muriel Rita Foster
Zeferino Monteiro

Gifts in Honor:
Peter and Peter W. Pilat


Gifts in Memory:
Alfred J. Zawisza
Dominik Ficek

Felix and Mary Witkowicz
Flora and Edward Gonet
Dana Pierce
Irene Lavado and James V. Henry, Jr.
John Szymanski
Leocadia Motyl (mother)
My deceased family
Phyllis, Leo, and Joseph Ciborowski

Gifts in Honor:
All seminarians
All who serve God
David Badeja
Edward Bourdeau
Estelle L’Etoile
Morris Steveh Samaul
Ted Foley


Gifts in Memory:
Alfred E., Theresa Jeannette, and Alfred M. Puget
All deceased members of White and Tetreault families
Allan Tompson
Annette Cullen
Archibald Gray
Bevery Reddington
Cotter and Frera family
Daniel Arrighi
David and James Pedro
Dors Lebel
Edmond Pollitt

Edmundo Neto
Frederick Hood, III
George Hallal
Gilbert Roy
Barbara Harrington
Estelle L’Etoile
Judith F. Araujo
Kenneth E. Tate
Laurie Hutchinson and Maureen Tamaso
Lorraine Gobeille
Martin Bormstein
Mary McGinn and Joanne Carignan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryan
Norman Deschenes
Our children
Our parents
Our parents, Bettencourt and Almeida
Raymond Robitaille
Raymond Smith
Raymond, Estelle and Henry Marcoux
Russell April
Sally Hanifin
The Haltzman and Barboza families
The Lima and Viveiros families

Gifts in Honor:
Father John Perry
COVID-19 first responders
Daniel Severino
Father Matthew Gill who has been a true shepherd to our communities of Our Lady of Victory, Our Lady
of Hope, and Our Lady of the Assumption
Father Timothy Mazur (St. John Vianney AOD)
Frank Word
Joline Perry
Sister Helen Phillips, MaryKnoll Missioner
Sister Anne Phillips, Sister of Mercy
The Kelly family
Theresa L.


Gifts in Memory:
Father John Perry
David A. Tierno
Albert and Gertrude Perry
Albert F. Callahan, Jr.
Alice and Tom Duffy
Angelo L. Medeiros
Christopher Doherty
Cornelius V. O’Sullivan
David Belliveau, my husband: the best of all men
Edmund L. Bower and Sister Cueller
Edward O’Neill
Frank Scarpulla
George C. Hodkinson, Jr.
George Floy
Henry T. Lawrence
Herb and Mary Faulconer
Manuel Severino

Theresa L.
James Hammond
Joe McDonnell
John F. Grady
John F. Graham
John J. Healy
John P. and Marion H. Diggins
John W. Casey
Joseph Quill, Jr.
Leonora Chase
Lorraine Lepire
Maron Fuhrenholtz
Mary Lorraine Lepire
Mary P. Lees
Matt and Peg Wytrwal
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Makilya
Mrs. Sheila M. Jones
Pamela P. White
Pandemic victims
Patricia Mary Roser
Peter and Edna Conboy
Peter B. Waage
Philip Michael Jones “PJ” (7/20/1982 – 8/20/2005)
Raymond and Elinor Pendergast
Raymond and Irene Roberts
Robert D. Smith
The McPeake and Cannon families
The Mello and Trattel families
Theresa Smith
Thomas F. Kenney
Thomas F. O’ Gara and Catherine O’Gara
Thomas and Margaret Fosbre
Tom and Alice Duffy
Walter M. McDonough
Walter and Catherine Oehme
Zeglen Makarewicz families

Gifts in Honor:
Almeida Family
Humberto Tavares
Our Grandchildren
Manuel J. Pereira and Eduarda Pereira
Manuel L. Leonardo
Maria Teresa Borges
My family and my wife’s family
Santo Christo Church
The Life savers in Hospital, War and For the People with Cancer


Gifts in Memory:
Adelaide and Manuel Bernardo and Joao Novo
Albano Medeiros
All of our Departed Loved Ones
Antonio Conceieao Torres
Antonio S. Tavares Jr. and sons
Antonio Tavares
Aurelio Botelho
Aurelio Botelho and Dylan Garcia
Carlos and Maria Patricio
Da Familia Moniz Sousa Viverros
Da Familia Silva Piedade
David Oliveira
Dennis Pimentel
Deodata Pacheco
Dorothy J. Kocik
Familia Brum
Familia Silva and Sosta
Familia Teves
Fernando Barreto, Jr.  and Maria da Gloria Luios
Frank and Mary Freitas and daughter Madeline
Gemana DeSousa
Grandparents: Maria S. Pereira and Norberto Pereira
Gualter Carvalho and Herculano Castro
Helder Fernandes
Henry Melo
Duarte Oliveira

Maria L. Ferreira
Joao De Paiva
John Dias
Jorge Raposo and Carlos Raposo
Jose Faustino Bonba
Jose Laurenio Tavares
Jose R. Santos
Jose S. Medeiros
Lori Diogo
Lucia Pacheco
Luciano Revoredo
Maneo Soares
Manuel and Maria Medeiros
Manuel Cabral
Manuel Correia and Maria Correia
Manuel Moniz
Manuel P. Costa
Margaret Carvalho
Maria Amaral
Maria J. Andrade and Maria D. Soares
Maria Julieta Pavao
Maria R. Paiva
Mario Cabral
Meus Pais
Moniz, Gurreiro Sosta
Mr. and Mrs. Joao C. Lima and son Fransisco D. Lima
Mr. and Mrs. John Pacheco
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Mederios
My Father
My Grandfather and my Grandmother
My Mother, Father and Sister
My parents Manuel and Maria S. Botelho and my brothers Duarte and Clodomiro Botelho
My Vavo and Vavo
Our Families
Our Family Sousa Martius
Pedro and Augusta Almeida and Manuel and Filomena Pereira
Silverio Almeida
Walter Rego
Yulia and Manuel Barros

Gifts in Honor:
Michelle, Sally Anne, and Ken
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bousquet
My children
Paulo Soares
Robert R. Boucher
St. Andrew the Apostle Parish


Gifts inn Memory:
Andre Faria
Anthony and Florence Soderberg
Antonio and Amelia Luis
Antonio G. Luis and Amelia Luis
Antonio-Fraga and Jose and Maria Dasilva
Botelho family
Chad Soderberg
Charles and Hilda Rebello
Charles and Donald Furtado
Cormier and Medeiros families
Deceased members of the Cahoon and Kurz families
Deceased members of Lincoln-Smith and Riva-Materson families
Deceased members of the Lazarz family and the Prado family
Earl L. and Earl B. Hudson
Edward J. Crowninshield
Florinda Faria and family
George and Helen Crowell

Joseph Santos
James F. Wolfsberg
James Ryder and Mary Tarducci
Jean Boucher (wife)
Jeffery Annunziato
Jim and Lorraine Casey
Joanne Menard
Joanne Uva
John and Rita Keating
John F. Schiffer
Joseph and Briget Nolin
Joseph Flaherty
Joseph Frates, Jr.
L.T. Watterson, Jr.
Lorion and Dalrymple families
Manuel and Steven Jorge
Margaret A. Coulombe
Mary and Walter Sylvia
Menard and Florence family
Mrs. Ellen M. (Carroll) Ramson
Norbert Guay
Normand, Lilian, and Arthur
Philip H. Bois
Ralph G. Hodgson, Sr.
Richard J. St. Germain
Robert R. Boucher
Sister Delores Silerde and Frank Silerde
Stanley and Wanda Widak
Tom, Rose, Pat, and Mike Bell
Victor Soares
Yvette and Frank Conaty

Gifts in Honor:
Carmina DaSilva
Edna Fernandez
Family, friends and faith
James T. Stringer
Thomas X. Diskin and Dorothy Ross
Jesus Christ
Luke Burgoyne and Addie Dion
My family, friends, and U.S. stability
Priests everywhere


Gifts in Memory:
Alice, Elmer, Julie, and George
All doctors and nurses who have died
All those who passed during this pandemic
Ann Schiavo, Leona Haynes, Barbara Buelll
Anne Lanoue
Antonio and Odete Garcia
Arthur F. LaTulippe, Jr.
Avis McCarthy and Irene Rocha
Barbara Levy
Brian Keane
Carol White Murphy
Carpenter family
Catherine King
Clarence Medeiros
Cliff Baxter
Colene and Patrick Alves
Conrad and Mary Blanchard
Daniel Crimmins
DaSilva, Garcia, and Martin families
David,  Josephine, and Bernadette McCarthy
Deceased members of our family
Deceased members of the Johnson, Craven, and Sullivan families
Deolin Damaral
Donald and Katherine McKinnon
Donald L. Spencer and Charles E. Crowley
Donna Meaney
Dot Peterson Chuckran
E. Jason Oldfield
Edward J. and Virginia M. Brennan
Elizabeth Gillette
Eugenia L. Adraneda

Francis and Josephine Morrison
Francis James Petruff
Frank and Rose (Roderick) Souza
Frank P. McCoy and William R. Morgan
Frank Paparo
George Baptiste
Georgianna and Michael Jose
Gerald Smallhoover
Helen Lecuyer
Henry Gingras
Illona O’Connell
Mel, Ann, Mark, David Lewis
James Ceo Hogan
John and Carole Kearney
John and Helen Sullivan
Joseph Anthony Kuper
Joseph B. Gregg
Lillian and George Silvia
Linda Marques
Manuel S. DeMello
Mary Brothers
Mom and dad
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Coe/Carl Dutra
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Roche
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pitta
My father, Marcio Silva
My grandfather, John Matson
My mother, Dorothy Tucker
Noel Charron
O’Donoghue and Smith families
Our parents, Clayton and Ruth McRae, and Lawrence and Dorathea Mendes
Parents of Roland and Patricia Rondeau
Patricia Hartsgroup
Peter and Eleanor Kuzmiski
Phyllis and Frances Gardner, Joseph, Elizabeth, and James Boutin, and Phyllis
Rebecca Greer
Robert and Roberta Reardon
Robert E. Moses
Ronald Benoit
Scott Weeks
Timothy and Margaret Donovan
Timothy Clark
Travers family, Ferrini family
Veronica Marden
Wallace and Miller families

Gifts in Honor:
Brother Richard Afonso
Family of Robert Pimental, Sr.
All American Military Veterans from all wars
John McGhee
Laffan Family
Martinho/Rebelo Family
My parents Mr. and Mrs. Karagian
Patrick Ranauro
Tammie Marie
The needy people, who need help


Gifts in Memory:
Adam Carter
Adela Tompson
Aldo and Jennie Scotti
Alfred P. DePrizio
Alice Valadao
Amadeu D. Roxo
Anna Randall
Arthur P. Sr., and Deolinda Vidal
Bernard Francis Hanrahan
Beverly Deignan
Bob Fuchs
Brazelina Cabral
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lopes, Sr.
John L. Lopes, Jr.
Cecil Corta and Family
Charles William Amorim
Cheryl Goldrick Ohearn
David Favreau
Deceased family members
Dorothy and Federick Ward
Edward and Marjorie Digits
Edward Dutra
Elizabeth Walsh Briana
Ellen Bettencourt and Jos. A. Bettencourt
Ellen M. Conlon
Ernest (Biebe) Soares
Fatima Martins
Ferreira and Gaspa families
Father William Costello
Francis and Mary Smith
Frank Flanagan
Frank Pierce
Frias and Margrove families
Gary Ham
George Hutchinson
Glen and Violet Sharp
Hayes family

Herculano M. Rebelo
Mr. and Mrs. Germano Afonso
Jacqueline Bogacki
Jacqueline D. Marshall
Jacqueline Hoffman
James and Jacqueline Feeney
James D. and Mary E. McCarthy
Jared Michael Andrade
Joao and Maimi Reis and family
Joao and Maria Botelho
Jose and Emellia and John and Johnny Rebello
Joaquim Lima
John and Evelyn Nidositko
John and Louise McRae
John Dias, Jr.
John F. O’Callaghan
Joseph and Cecelia Marshall
Joseph D. Staph, Jr.
Joseph Griffith
Joseph M. Tierney
Keough family
Lawrence DePonte, Sr.
Leslie Burghardt
Lucille Mitchell
Manuel and Dolores Rapoza
Manuel Medeiros
Mary Jean Van Neste
Michael Mattie,  Richard Hutt
Michael R. Rodriguez
Michael Touhey, Sr.
Mickey Moniz
Mr. and Mrs. Vu
Ona Bikinas
Our parents, who are now in Heaven!
Raimunda Lucas
Richard Belanger
Robert Donovan
Robert Pimental, Sr.
Robert W. Sylvia
Sharon L. Miranda
Shirley Conway
Sylvia Moreland
Teresa Barrows, Ronnie Renaud, and Father William Costello
The Ferreira and Gaspa families
The Goulart and Macedo family
The Lewis family
Thomas E. Fallon
Will O’Neil
William M. Sullivan
William V. Ahearn

Gifts in Honor:
Dr. Anne D. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hanley
Mr. and Mrs. George Corrza
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Camacho


Gifts in Memory:
Annette R. Moran
Bernard F. Talty
Carol Campbell
Cathy Tomase
Charles T. Kelly
Clayton E. King
Debra Cordero
Donald Wood, Jr.

Eitgencio and Maria DeMello
Father Len Mullaney
Frances Walton
Franklin and Ryan families
George Reade
Our parents
Janice Estes
Lt. James B. McGarry, USMC
My Parents
Rachel and William Wilbur
Rev. Gabriel Healy, SS.CC.
Rev. Stan. Kolasa, SS.CC
Richard Sanders
Steve Dalbec
Todd J. Shockro

Gifts in Honor:
Andrade families living and deceased
Baptiste and Copeland families
Jorge Chagas Ferreira
Jose Leandres and family
My parents, to the tenth degree
Roberta M. Cordeiro


Gifts in Memory:
Agnes Jorge
Alfred and Mary Falocco and Robert Cambra
Aloah D. Corliss
Andre H. Faria
Angelina Ferro Guerreiro
Antone Abreau
Antonio C. Dias
Antonio Pereira
Antonio R. Leite
Antonio Resendes
Copeland-Rose families
Daniel F. Dos Santos
Dorothy “Nana” Cambra
Elizabeth Crowther
Eugene amd Leontina Melo and Jose and Maria Leite
Familia Costa and Francisco Pereira
Filomena and Agostinho Sousa
Florinda E. Faria
George Rusconi
Gregory DaSilva

John and Lida Guertin Messier
Joao and Maria de Andrade
John and Marie
Joaquim Camara, Sr., Jose R. Pereira
Joaquin Couto
Jose A. Freitas
Jose Henriques, Jr.
Jose Inacio and son
Luis Pinarreta
Manuel and Beatriz Braya
Manuel and Laura Riss and Antonio and Maria C. Rego
Manuel Feliciano
Manuel M. Barbosa
Manuel Tavares
Manuel, Dorothy, and Richard Pacheco
Margaret J. Roza
Marjorie Melo
Mello, Fagundes, Goulet, and Mattos families
Moitoso and Correia families
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Burgess
My parents, husband, and son
Norberto Braga and Brigida Festa
Our deceased family
Pimentel and Camara family
Rosa Paiva and Conceicos Pavia
Rose Craveiro
Sousa and Andrade family
Tiberio Franco Borges
Todos os defuentos

Gifts in Honor:
Almerinda Teixeira
Conceicao B. Luisa Cordeiro
Familia Borges
Jose C. Pereira
Manuel Paiva
St. Joseph and St. Catarina
The Minha family
Manuel Paiva
St. Joseph and St. Catarina


Gifts in Memory:
All my deceased family members
Angelina Goyette and Donna West
Anthony M. Resendes
Berta and Luis Medeiros
Capitolina Medeiros
Carlos Sardinha
Cecilia and Anibal/Manuel and Maria
David B. Silyia
Deceased family members of Candido and Ann Pereira
Dos familiares falicidos A and M Neves
Families Mota and Lowres
Family and friends
Ferraz and Sousa family
Francisco P. and Teresa M. Carreiro
Gil de Melo and Antonio Resendes

Maria Da Lourdes Melo
Graca Santos
Maria Santos
Holy Soul
Jeremias M. Resendes
Joaquim and Maria Louro, my parents
Joe Aguiar
John and Georgianna Vincent
Jose Arruda
Jose Cordeiro Family and Almeida Family
Jose M. Martins
Jose Papoula
Lopes Family
Luis Costa
Maciel and Furtado family
Manuel Ferreira
Maria Do Anjus Martins
My Dad Alberto
My Deceased Family
My family deceased
My Father Carlos
My Husband Alberto
My husband Manuel S. Marques
My wife Esmeralda Tavares
Our parents Carreiro and Silva Family
Rosalina Oliveira
Silvino Furtado
The Martin’s and Pavao’s

Gifts in Honor:
Lurdes R. Carvalho
Mr. and Mrs. Olivar Quintin
My family’s health
Norman Roy
Our Blessed Mother
Paul Steiblin
People that deserve a better life
Saint Philomena


Gifts in Memory:
Adelia Tetreault
All souls in purgatory
Anna and Milton T. Weaver
Arnaldo Monteiro
DeMatas family and Alcina Venissimo
Doris H. Cournoyer
Ernest and Dolores Oliveira
Felix and Silvestre Family

Gertrude and Gerard Laferriere
Madeline Roy
Our late baby daughter on her 18th birthday
My uncle Andres (AJ)
George and Rita Medeiros, George Medeiros, Jr.
Joao DaSilva, Carmina D. Tome, Alfredo, Maria, Joao Martins
Jules Menard
Mike Auger
Moises and Maria Faruas
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Doyon
My nephew, Owen Motta
Nora Chevalier
Nunes and Cabral Families
parents Gunadas and Borges
Pearl M. Racine and Lucille Rousseau
Roger A. Quintin
Stephen K. Mendoza
Tadeusz Swiszcz

Gifts in Honor:
My dad
Souza and Cormier family


Gifts in Memory:
Henry Partridge
Andre and Rita LaCroix
Arthur M. McMakin, Sr.
Arthur Vadeboncoeur
Canuel and Vezina Family
Claire Leddy and Julia Leddy
Denis and Maria Gilmour
Edward and Joseph Bernier
Fredric R. Ferguson
Gagne and Allen family
Gloria and Victor Ditullio
John Cambra
Paul Cormier
Jose Da Silva
L. Terry Dickinson

Loved ones
Margaret Anderson
Maria Raposo and Jose Leite
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berube, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Howarth
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Davis
Mrs. Barbara St. Pierre
Muriel Copeland
Muriel Roderigues
Nadine Goyette
Normand L. Pepin
Normand Laurianno
Our family’s deceased
Richard and Robert families
Robert J. Wickenheiser
Salome Demarco
St. Onge and Sevigney families
Theresa and Leo Dufault
Walter Neves
William and Theresa Davis

Gifts in Honor:
Amarelo family
Carol Murgo
James Manton
Reverend Joseph Viveiros


Gifts in Memory:
Barbara Bigos
Catherine G. and James P. Fox
Colin E. Boucher
Cory John Brescia
Deacon Gene Orosz
Deceased members of Knights of Columbus #3669
Domino, Carol Medeiros, Geraldes family and Jos Medeiros

Dorothy Moniz
Dr. Charles Herzig
Elsie Scolaro
Henry Fortin
John Carvalho and Barbara Machado
Manuel Faria and Reis family
Mary Chaves
Mary V. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio F. Viveiros
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Viera and Kenneth Viera
Nicolau F. Viveiros
Reverend Richard Gendreau
Ronald H. Manchester
Rosemary P. Goncalves

Gifts in Honor:
46th wedding anniversary
Families everywhere
James K. Musto
Michael and Sally Cronin
My wife
Our Lady
Robert J. Desmond
The Sullivan and Hawkes families


Gifts in Memory:
Albert and Helene Marchio
Alma Pelletier
Angelina Correia
Arlene Black Mollo
Ben Piscopo
Bernard K. Ford
Bob and Marian Leonard
The Burns family
Leonard and Eileen Martin
Chris Denmark
Daniel F. Harrington, Jr.
Daniel and Mary Settana
Dexter and Elizabeth Coggeshall
Emma Andrade and Catherine Peterson
Fran McDonagh
Frederick J Walsh
Bernard K. Ford

John and Phyllis Williams
Lisa M. Fulone, Lauren M. Fulone
Our parents
James Bennett
Janice and Bob Briggs
Joan Measday
John and Ann Huber
John E. Lennon, III
John F. Leddy and Powers family – RIP
John J. Aziz
Leonard Beford
Marilyn Catherine Murphy
Mary Ruth Gravell
Matthew G. Murphy
Michael Chalifoux, 19-year “Altar Server”
Michael and Sally Cronin
Mr. and Mrs Anthony J. Symasko
My brother, Lawrence Clarkin
My husband, Bill Stone
Peter J. Bagarella
Pinto, Vadala, and Goffin families
Quinlan and Brian Sullivan
Rita T. Favulli
Robert J. Desmond
Thomas Leo Waller
Todd Stephen Stressenger
Warren Palmer
William and Kathleen Scollins

Gifts in Honor:
John and Lillian Allemao


Gifts in Memory:
Basilio B. Bides: My Dad
Earle and Diamentina Weeks

Ferreira and Figueiredo families
Fortunata Lopes
Darleen Hall
Jane L. Parkin
My husband, Donat Brin
Neves and Vieira families
Salvador and Philomena Belli

Gifts in Honor:
Craig M. Mello
Eleanor Read
First responders
Miranda family
My children
Permanent Diaconate


Gifts in Memory:
Anthony J. Santoro, Sr.
Antunes and Crook families
Biagio, Julia, and Amelia Del Toro
Carreiro and Aguiar families
Conrad P. Fortier
David Couturier
Deceased members of the F.J. Mullins family
Dexter and Berube family
Ernest Rheaume, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Miranda and Mr. and Mrs. Joao Albernas

Gaspar and Mello Families
James Fiddler
James T. Hodkinson
Jerome Mendoza
Jerry Tremblay
John Silvia, Jr.
John V. and Lydia C. Medeiras
Joseph Azevedo
Mal Furtado
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Beausoleil
My family and friends
My wife, Jacqueline
Noe and Maria Silva
Richard Furtado
Ronald Silvia
Sister Eleanor McNally, SUSC
Stephanie Ann Oliveira
Stephen J. Piotrowski
William Corro
Winifred D. Griffin

Gifts in Honor:
Manuel da Costa
Merces Perry and James Perry
My family


Gifts in Memory:
All my deceased relatives
Arthur A. Souza
Bill Duggan
Carol Desrosiers Graf
Domingos and Rosa Lima
Domingus Vaz and Ronald Paterson
Donald F. Bowden
Donald Gladu
Donald Guenette, Jr.
Ed Roberge
Eugene and Claire Bonville
Francisco DeOliveira and Josefine Berros
Frank and Grace Salt, Armond and Marianna Lafond
Gabriel DeMelo
George Bevilacqua
Gloria and Julius Nemes
Kathleen Nelson and John Perry
Son, brother and sisters
Jacqueline Ponte

Joao and Kriss-Lynn Lopes
Jose and Ernestina Da Costa and Jose and Maria Do Anjos Tavares
Laura Souza
Leroy G. Marden
Manuel Vieira
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E Ledoux
Mr. and Mrs. Joao Lourenco
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Anjo
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Cunha and Rick Cunha
my husband Robert Tisdelle
My wife, Beverly DaSilva
Our parents
Paul and Adrienne Boucher
Raymond and Joan Dextraze
Raymond Vigeant
Robert N. Vigeant
Ronald V. Pimental
Russell L. Tetreault and Jule M. Avila
The Farland Family
Those killed through abortion
Wallace and Dorothy Martin
Walter E. Gordon
William Taylor
Yvette Ganache and Rachel Williams Sisters

Gifts in Honor:
Father Marcos Caldeira
Maia DosSantos
My dear mother and her sister Aunt Jill


Gifts in Memory:
Ann B. Loftus
Bob Melpignano
David H. Dalton
Donald P. Margraf
Edward and Lorraine DeYoung
Anne MacDonald
Elsa Orjuela
Frances McMahon
Frank Roderick
George McGurvay

Hazel Lawton
Horace Roderick
Israel Rosa DosSantos
J. Paul Keohane
Joan Murphy
Jos S. Murphy
Julia George
Marjorie Keenan
Maureen T. Howard
Our families
Paul and Mary O’Brien
Roberto Ramos Mangahas
Sheila Gubeil (my sister, who died January 20, 2020)
The Doran and Griffin families
William and Eleanor Flanagan
William and Madelyn Farrington

Gifts in Honor:
Agnes and Joe Rodrigues
Family peace
Fernando and Fatima Borges
Joseph and Josephine Santos
Marjorie Lynch
Philibert and Bouchard families


Gifts in Memory:
Alfred Linhares
All our loved ones who have passed, all our loved ones gone too soon
Arnold Fernandes
Barabe, Sylvia, and Briggs families
Camara and Viveiros families
Guy Celletti

Jose and Elena Viveiros
Louis and Aldina Rapoza
John C. Medeiros
Jose and Brazelina Peixuto
Maria and Francisco Pererra
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pereira
Mr. Mrs. Charles Kirher, Sr.
Mr. Samuel Ben Ford
My late husband, Douglas
Natalie Desmarais
Olinda and Gilbert Reis
Parent and Olson families
Rodriguez and Giannattosio families
Russell J. Perry
The Salvador and Borges families
Serafina and Florides Resendes, Guilherme and Zelia Raposo
Viveiros and Delzenero families

Gifts in Honor:
Edward McCormick, III
Henry and Mary Lafontaine
Michael J. Shidlovsky
Michael Towle Ham
My husband, Joseph – he is courageously battling Lewy Body Dementia
parents James and Laura McKenney
St. Joan of Arc Parish
The Weekly Television Mass


Gifts in Memory:
Bartolinio and Reichers families
Cahrlie R. Wolff
Cerullo family
Charles J. Kozlowski
Daniel S. Gaspar
David P. DeSaulnier
Frederick C. Allgeier
Graham and Hughes families
Ian Hartley and Jeffrey Kirk
Richard Weber Ham
James A. Scanlan
James and Edward Wood
James Curtis Landes, Jr.

Jim Lord
Joan Yonce and Eileen Burke
John Bowman
John E. Crowley, Jr.
John Patrick Devlin
John, Mary and Rob
Joseph Mullen
Lydia Shaughnessy and Albert J. DeJesus, Jr.
Michael Walwer
My husband, John H. Freeman
My parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. Hunt
Nancy R. Salnoon
Our parents
Patrick Reynolds
Robert E. Ward
Ronald Pelletier
Rosemary A. O’Brien
Ryan Colleran
Susanne K. Albert
The deceased members of the Coss and Nardini families
The deceased members of the Rodrigues and Daley families
The Maurais and Wojaczek family
Virginia Kaufmann

Gifts in Honor:
Father Leonard Hindsley
Edward Monarch, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Raposa
Mrs. Vera Araujo
Our children and grandchildren
The Rebello family


Gifts in Memory:
Alvin Almeida
Anna Sullivan
Anne and Jack Burke
Arthur B. Walsh
Carlin F. Lynch
Daniel P. Araujo
Edward J. and MaryLou (Maurer) Sullivan
Erik D. Pitassi
James and Eleanor Marshall

Jean Ann McGarr
John and Beatrice Lindo, William and Noella Ledwidge
John J. Grant, Jr.
Jose and Maria Oliveira
Joseph Crowley
Luis A. Demendonca
Martin Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferreira
Mr. and Mrs. James Pedder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Dunn
Rosa and Edward Costa
Ruth Costa (6/9/2002)
the Buckley family
The Leona and Rivard families
The Rebello family
Ursula F. Russo and Russell Nauta
Vivian and Gustave Benoit

Gifts in Honor:
All Catholic Charities recipients
My Sister, Nancy
Don Ouellette
Mary Abbott
Ronald W. Cummins
Ryan White
St. John the Evangelist, Attleboro


Gifts in Memory:
Albert Aguiar
All Catholic Charities recipients
My Sister, Nancy
Alvaro J. Oliviera
Alvaro Oliveira
Anita Killion and John M. Killion
Branco family
Broderick and Spinelli families
Charles and Mary Kelley
Eddie and Lynne Raposa (Allard)
Elaine M. Briggs
Emma and Manuel Pimentel
Eva St. James
Frank Piazza and Gerard Wallae
Fred Oliver, Jr.
Fred and Isabel Oliver, Sr.

Garnieri and Byrnes Family
Rita Corrigan
Marie Branche
Jack Thimot
James W. Geer
John J. Carty and Alice L. McCarthy
John Joseph Carty
Joseph Camara
Joy Fife
Joyce Nordberg
Leonel Da Silva
Mary T. Ebeling
Melchor Festin
Momzy and Larry Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Proia
Nicholas James Gayton
Pereira and Viveiros family
Raymond O. Castro, Sr.
Richard and Kevin Bronsdon
Robert and Lorraine Anton
Sean, Sara, and Larry McNally
The Conlon and Kesse deceased family members
The family of Lawrence Flanagan
Tina Guerra
Victor and Irene

Gifts in Honor:
Annmarie O’Brien
Josephine Bolton
Marion McElroy


Gifts in Memory:
Alphonse and Eva Budreski
Antoinette DeSimone
Barbara A. Goode
Carl and Ruth Franke
Charles Busche, Mary, and Walter Riley
Deceased members of the Kennedy family
Edmond G. Murphy
George and Margaret Rubino
George Jenkins Jr and Blanche Rerui
Harold “Bud” Czarnetzki
Helen Bevacqua

Josephine Bolton
Jean Kilroy
John O’ Grady
John V. McCarthy
Joseph Lombardo
Kenneth A. Rago, who died from COVID and heart failure
Larry B. Gelnett
Leona J. Stuchlak
Mary Madigan
Matt Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Lachance
Our son, James
R. Michael Santorsa
Rudolph T. Bonin (Rudy)
Susan and Albert Salacki
Tony, Lee, Anthony, Tom, and Jerry
Trudy Petrino
Vivian Ruth
William Camire
William Leary

Gifts in Honor:
Father Philip N. Hamel
In Healing for Clorinda Ventura
Mom and Dad
St. Anthony: Souls in Purgatory
Those in need!


Gifts in Memory:
Aguiar and Miranda families
All purgatory souls
Bertrand Remy
Carol Fizell
Clara and Manuel Rodriguez
Cyril Amarelo
Deceased family members
Deceased members of the Ferreira and Santos families
Denis Cardinal
Dinis S. Barreira and Jose Sousa
Donna Actif
Ed Cadorette
Edward Nordeste
Fernand and Jeanne Auclair
Fernando Albergaria
Hazel Chellel
James and Sarah Ventura
Antone Costa
James W. Judge
James, Sarah and Donald Ventura

Joao A. Pereira and parents
John Rieardo
Jose and Lucinda DeSousa
Jose and Maria Rosa Furtado
Jose and Orandina Fereira
Jose C. Medeiros
Jose Correia
Jose Paiva Cabral
Jose Silva and wife and Tony and wife
Jose T. Cabral
Joseph A. Raposo
Josephine Correia
Liduina and David Carrelas and sons
Manuel Camara and William DeStefano
Manuel Pacheco, Jr. and wife
Manuel S. Rebello, Jr.
Manuel, Helena, and Gilda DaSilva
Marcolina and Manuel F. Almeida
Maria Elias Martins
Maria Machado
Maria Monte
Mariano e esposa, Henrique e esposa
Mary Viveiros and Carol Cabral
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Raposo
Parents and brother
Raymond Mello
Richard Torres
Robert Thibault
Steven Rebello

Gifts in Honor:
Jo Ann Saccone
The Dion family


Gifts in Memory:
Adelimo Pinto
Andrew and Archie Magnett
Antone and Louise Ramos
Antone P. Valero
Antonia Araujo
Beverly DaSilva and Gerald Castonguay
Brian Collins
Charles Mathieu
Dan Alves family
Dot Orlowski
Dr. Joseph Nates and Dorothy Nates
Elizabeth Letourneau
Emily and Stephen A Chmiel
Ernest and Georgette Letendre
Father Stan Kolosa
George and Ida Manny
Virginia and Thomas Phillips
Albert and Ida Perusse
James Kenney
Jeffrey Alan St. Onge

John and Helen Conway
Jose Silva
Joseph J. Herman
Landreville and Munroe families
Linda Niland
Magalhaes family
Maria Medeiros
Marissa Medeiros
Medeiros and Faria families
Michael and Ann Zajac
My mom Anna, my sister Anne, and my brother James
Nancy A. Lucas
Nicholas Bateman
Olivier, Robert, and Lesiak families
Omer and Lillian Guay
Richard and Alice Gurney
Rita Calvert
Robert Howland
Tada and Vincent Saccone
The Leclair and Normandin families
Tiberio de Couto
William A. Silva, Jr.
William and May Morton
William and Violet Furtado and Edna Desmarais

Gifts in Honor:
All COVID-19 patients
All fathers
Andressa, Sara and Hannah (expectant mothers)
Blessed Mother Mary
Friends of Jesus
Joseph Borges
Magan and Rosa Family
Olinda Cabral and Manuel Cabral
Raymond and Blanche Starvish


Gifts in Memory:
Amancio Xavier
Bancroft and Wright family
Bonneau family
Cecile Bowers
Dorothy Perkins
Edward Ducary (Grandpa)
Edward Ducary (Oct 31, 2006)
Maria Cunha
Caryer and Duval Familes

My family
Cecilia Harrison, Sammy Garland, Joshua Oldham, and Beth Ackles
My parents, sisters, and brothers
Dennis J. and Marian Hogan
James Walton
Jeannette Kenyon
Joseph Begnoche
Joseph Goulet
Louis and Mary Costa
Marcia and Ian
Mary Rose
Oscar and Renee Soulard
Our Parents
Seraphine Moniz
Sister Mary Louise Mawn, C.S.J. (RIP-5/3/2020)
Steve and Mary Foster
Susan May Smith
The deceased members of our family and extended family
William J. Pires

Gifts in Honor:
Albert Decoste
Pedro Torres and Ana Carmo
Sacred Heart of Jesus
The lonely and mentally ill


Gifts in Memory:
Kimberly Branco
Ambrozina Costa
Angela Sbardella
Ann Carey
Brad Sullivan
Charles Borges
Deborah Piedade
Dorothy Estrella
Edmund and Jocelyn Russell

Father John Perry
Fernando J. Garcia
Rosario Ferreira
Joseph Borden
Joseph Mendez
Maria Cabrales
Michelle, Margaret, and John Silvia
Mr. Robert E. Kalif
My late husband, Don
Olivia Frazier
Our deceased relatives
Patricia Connor
Rev. Adrien Bernier
Robert and Pauline Vaillencourt
Stephen Cordeiro
Thomas, Eileen, Irene Corey

Gifts in Honor:
The Holy Trinity


Gifts in Memory:
Aaron Pereira
Abilio, Deolinda, Antone, and Mary
Cal and Marie Poulin
Charles and Alice Ricker
Gerard A. Loranger

Gil S. Medeiros
Gilberto Mendonca
Susan Houde
Jeannine Madeira
Marc L. Letendre
Matthew D. Edward Camara
Matthew Mello
Setelvio Mota
Teodomiro Rocha

Gifts in Honor:
Greg Sullivan
Precille Cote


Gifts in Memory:
Albert and May Osenkowski
Frank and Mildred Dziekiewicz
Aldina and Lionel Larivee
Ann and Joseph Santia
Correia and Menard families
Deceased friends and family
Donald J. and Louise Beauvais
Edward L. Fenton
Edward Lamarche
Harold J. Dennen

Jean Levesque
John and Rita Keating, my deceased parents
Lucille Gonsalves
Mary A. McNulty
Munise and Sylvester families
My husband, Alban Bourque
Norman Belanger
Paiva and Lukasewski family
Paul and Edna Machnik
Peter Darmofal, Pauline Darmofal, and Donald Dodge
Precille Cote
The Sullivan’s
Vincent and Marilyn Ambrosini
William and Christine Flanagan

Gifts in Honor:
Our Pastor, Father Richard Roy, for his loving care
David Wilcox
Elaine Quintin
Frontline workers
Leo W. Worden
Joan Worden
My children, Jeff Araujo and Katelyn Herickhoff
Our family
The Blessed Mother
The Holy Trinity
Timothy McNamara, my grandson who is studying to be a priest on his third year in Baltimore


Gifts in Memory:
Alexander Nicholas
Alice and Joseph Trahan
All deceased members of the Moniz and Carvacho families
All deceased members of the Senna and Michaud families
Antone Souza
Barbero and Langlois families
Bulhoes family
Carlos M. DaSilva
Christopher Bentley Souza
David Medeiros
Deacon Claude LeBlanc
Deceased Members of the Grace and Kowalczyk families
Deceased Members of the Neves and O’Neil families
Deceased members of the Santos, Lopes and Samson families
Dona Maria Oliveira
Ernesto Custodio
Evelyn Perry
Evelyn Perry
Family members
Fastoso and Kmiec families
Fr. Gerald Cohen, C.S.C
Francis and Ouimet families
Boucher and Wilcox families
Joseph and Tyler
Arvisais, Fonesca, Sampaio and Pelletier families
James Sylvia
James, Olivia, and Steve Couto
Jose and Maria DaSilva
Jose L. Brigida

Joseph and Katherine Marshall
Joseph Neves
Joseph R. Costa, Jr.
Ronald and Joseph R. III
Leonard M. Pacheco
Louis Macedo
Louis P. Mello
Louis, Marie, Jean Lemire, and Dovilla Gregoire
Manuel and Belmira Vital
Manuel Freitas
Maria and Manuel Paiva
Maria Batista
Maria Carvalho and Maria Borges
Martha and George Fonseca
Mary Jose Da Costa
Matthew S. Midura
Michael W. Verronneau
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Soares
Mr. and Mrs. Emile Carando
Mrs. Sandra Archikowski
Mr. and Mrs. Horacio Costa and son
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lafferty – May they rest in peace
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Raposo
Mr. John Lambert
Mrs. Gladys Levasseur
Mrs. Marie Kenyon
My family
My husband Luciano Gil
Nick and Claire Nicholas
Oliver/Rego family
Otto J. Fichtenmayer
Our deceased family members
Pedro J. Graca
Raymond Brito
Raymond Paquin
Richard C. Camara, Sr.
Richard LaFleur
Rita and Norman Ferreira
Robert Berche
Robert H. Tracy
Robert J. Toole
Rose and Joseph Arruda
Salvador and Trahan families
Shawn Quinn
Stella Sylvia
Tammy Horta
The Delgado and Jacome families
The Vanasse Family
Thelma V. Baker (Mom)
Thomas J. Long
Victoria A. Perry
Yvette Clerc

Gifts in Honor
Charles and Rita Kennedy
Kathleen Swansey
Margaret LeFever


Gifts in Memory:
Antonio Faria, Jose Faria
Maria Germana Jorge Brum
Maria Luisa Pereira, Cino Pereira, and Sedalia de Jesus Pereira
Authur B. Walsh
Bradford W. Frazier
Carole D. Clements
Deceased members of the Polcica and Ferreira families

Donald Racine
Dorothy A. Hogan
Eugene and Alice McCoy, Ronald and Jeanne Pichette
Maria and Gilberto Pacheco
James and Vera Hunt
John Whalen
Mary-Elizabeth Butler
Michael Sena
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Barnaby
Nicholas and Mary Rodgers Butler
Paul J. Ferus
Paul M. Lestage
Ventura, Hildeberto
William J. Butler, Sr.

Gifts in Honor:
Berube and Folster families
Deacon Robert G.L. Normandin
Dominick and Doris Massa
Our church, St. Louis de France Parish
Steve and Melanie Cabral


Gifts in Memory:
Alex Dore
Alfred Coray
Anthony Santoro
Belanger and Vadenais families
Berube and Folster families
Bessette, Bonin, and Joly families
Borges family
Carolyn Webb
Charles Furtado
Daniel Paulo, Sr.
Deceased Cabral/Leduc
Diniz Fernandes
Edward J. Blake
Edward J. Ward

G. Michael Geary
G. Paul Audelto
Gertrude A. Thompson
Husband, Normand E. Petit
Don Cabral
Jose Gomes Da Silva
James Coutu, Sr.
John Sardinha
Joseph Aguiar
Leonel and Rita Parent
Louis St. Jean
Margaret and Owen O’Shaughnessey
Marques family
Mirehe Emond
Mr. and Mrs. Maria and Joseph Pimental
Normand and Michael Nolet
Our parents and grandparents
Rand J. Kershaw
Raymond E. and Julienne Y. Lynch
Rita Lanneville
Roger L. Paquette
Viveiros and Silva families

Gifts in Honor:
My husband, John H. Hickey
In Thanksgiving for our many blessings


Gifts in Memory:
Alfred Fobert
Angel Cruz, my brother
Ann Coyne
Anthony Struzzieri
Clarence and Sylvia Barclay
Dennis Aresta
Dorothy Ellerthorpe
Edward J. Colp, Jr.
Evelyn F. Inman
Frances L. Andrade
Gerald Cody
Helen E. Ferretti

Henry and Evelyn Nolette
My two sons, Michael and Patrick Hickey
James and Mary McNulty
John M. Behan
John W. Van Osdol, Jr.
Lorraine A. Viveiros
Mary Devaux
Mom and dad
Mr. and Mrs. John B/E Florence
Nancy J. O’Connell
Paul Caldwell
Randy C. and family
Robert Wallace and Catherine Huzzey
Shirley Silveira
Simonelli, Cubellis, and Barletta families
Sue Ann Magnan
The Maher family
William and Elsie McCoy

Gifts in Honor:
The ordination of Father Steven Booth
Ann Marie Sylvia
Black Lives Matter
COVID-19 responders
Christina Rego
Manuel Rego
Joseph Rego
Maria Borges
Frank Mello
Mary Mello
Joseph and Mary Ferro
Normand A. Frigault
Robert Bachand


Gifts in Memory:
Albino Silveira and Jose and Alice Fumo
Brenda Mello and Mary Abrantes
Brian Sheffeild
Cecilia Borges and Maria N. Vieira
Daniel Fauteux
Daniel J. Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Virgilo Medeiros
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Viveiros
Robert Bachand
John and Christie Cosmo

John C. Wordell
John Hergenhan
Joseph Almeida
Joseph Reis
Leo Charbonneau
Lester E. Glazier
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Velho
Mr. and Mrs. Antone Cardelli, Jerry Jr. and John
Manuel Almeida
Manuel G. Carrico
Maria Abrey
Mildred Connick
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Pepin
Mr. Del
Normand Despier
Our daughter Kelly Pothier
Our parents living and deceased
Pauline I. Cote
Peter S. Gwozdz, Jr.
Robert McGrath
Ryan Tollman
The Lemenager, Hebert, and Lowney families
The Lima and Rebello families
William F. O’Donnell, Jr. and Mary Ellen O’Donnell

Gifts in Honor:
Charles, Noah and Daniel
A Minha Mae
All those who have been impacted by COVID-19
Emile Brassard
Father Mike
Gabriella’s High School Graduation
God’s Will Be Done
Katherine and Mary Boufford
Neil Daniel, Jr.
Roy F. and Gertrude M. Boyden
The Villella and Molina families


Gifts in Memory:
A Minha Irma
Amy E. Couture
Anna T. Redfearn
Anne Jennette
Anne Palmer
Armand Forte
Bernard and Alicia O’Malley
Catherine Sheehan Brunco
Claire T. Gay
Concetta DeLuca
Deceased family members
Deceased members of the O’Neill and Spiezio families
Diane Anderson
Domenic Macaione
Dominic Poillucci
Donald Henrique
Edward and Margaret Glennon
Edward, Barbara, and Kathleen Leyden
Ernest J. Fournier
Eugene and Anthony Polselli
George M. Skelly, Jr.
Ginetta M. D’Onofrio, Robert C. Mitchell
Guy R. Tomase
Harren family
The Tremblay and Brassard families
Souls in Purgatory
Rosemarie A. Boyden

Irene C. Mendonca
Jacqueline A. Duffy
James Walgreen
Joann Kreminski
Joe DelGrosso
John and Julia McDonnell
John E. McGrath and John R. Flecchia
Joseph Cangeme
Joseph L. Souza, Jr.
Lawrence McCabe III
Louise M. Cooper
Manny and Mary Diaz (Parents)
Margarita Prestwich
Mary Sedlak
Mrs. Helen L. Smith
Nora Clemmey
Paul E. McBride
Raymond A. Kelliher
Richard A. Silva
Richard Mahanna
Robert and Michelina Salvaggio
Robert Currivan
Robert K. Jones
Sarah M. Mulcahy and Mary E. Becker
St. Martin and McGowan families
The Condon and Connell families
The deceased members of the Fortini and Caparelli families
The Giblin and Melanson families
The Hopkins and Poleski families
The Lutz and Salay families
The Rush and Walaska family
The St. Martin and McGowan families
Thomas H. Hottleman, Jr.
Thomas Tighe (Director of Catholic Charities in NY in 1970’s +1980’s)
Tina J. Oliva (mother)
Victor J. Drapalla
Virginia M. Shaw
Wiliam E. Moore
William and Anna Palanza
William F. Davis
Yvette Carl

Gifts in Honor:
Charles Waddington
Reverend Marcel Bouchard
My Family
Our parish members


Gifts in Memory:
Antonio and Lucia D’Amato
Charron P. Ranney
Dr. John E. Craighead
Joan Cowles
Kathleen McLean

Kay Mack
Robert Mcgrath, Sr.
Beulah and Edwin Scully
Sgt. Richard T. McAndrew, Jr. (Vietnam 1967)
Thomas Ryder
Vincent and Alma Debaggis
J. Debaggis
Rudy and Eleanor Francariovincent
Virginia and Robert Bretschneider
Anne R. Carroll
Virginia M. Sullivan

Gifts in Honor:
Eugene Binette
Father Dan/St. Mary’s Church
Holy Trinity and Our Mother Mary
Ida Samson
J. Sylvia, M. Maker, K. Douglas, V. Couto
Jovina Vertentes
Monsignor John Oliveira, Co-Pastor
My family and Church
My husband, Leonard
Raymond Vien
The Swift family


Gifts in Memory:
All COVID deceased
All Souls
Bazilio Marques
Carolyn and Jennifer Lawrence
Celia Massoud
D. Griffin
David Britton
Edna Schard
Edward P. Soares
Faucher and Ferreira families
Frank Condez, Jr.
Henry Rodrigues
Eugene Binette
Holy Trinity and Our Mother Mary
J. Mendes
Paul and Felarinda Palys, my parents
My late brother Stephen Russell Adams
Raymond Vien

J. Arthur Ross
Jason M. Nightlinger
Joao and Adelaide Quintal
John and Lucinda Dias
Jose de Freitas, Julia A. Freitas
Joao and Adelaide Quintal
Joseph and Louise Rodrigues
Joseph and Elizabeth Flinn
Charles and Gertrude McDonald
Joseph and Vivian Richard
Julio Ferreira des Neves and Tony Santos
Lacroix and Wilson families
Laurie Sylvia
Madeline M. Edwards
Mary Ann Lambalot
Mary Lopez
Michael G. Soares
Michael Knowles
Milton F. Brightman
Mrs. Natalie Rogers
My family
N. Danny Nadeau
Oliveira family
Paul E. Lagasse
Paulino and Ana Vieira
Raymond Brunelle
Richard Lemos
Robert Wilkinson
Roy and Emma Rodrigues
Silva and Camara
Walter J. Jaworski, Jr.
William Maguire
Wm, Mary and Vickie Pilling

Gifts in Honor:
Joseph Ahern
My father
St. Mary’s Parish, Norton


Gifts in Memory:
Adams family
Ambrose and Nagle families
Catherine Mann
Charles Capinella
Daniel P. Araujo, Sr. and Viola E. Araujo
Deceased Members of Muphy and McCormack families
Diane, Armand and Andrea Dumont
Doris C. Christian
Erin Kate Rodriques
Family members
Finneally Gray
Georgina and Paul Murphy
Gorbert and Beverly Blevins
Hilda Aguiar Lambert
Joseph Ahern
My husband
Jodell Neidlinger

James and Nora McHugh
Jeanette A. Maynard
John and Claire McDonald
John and Pearl Gorczyca
John Drane
John F. Golden
John N. Cataloni
John O’Brien
Joseph M. Schmied, Jack Murray
Laurence and Joseph Boran
Leo R. Schleicher
Maria Maia
Maurice Dore
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Tomase, Gloria Arsenauh, and Gerald Turgeon
Paul and Georgina Murphy
Paul C. Ehrlich
Paul George, Sr.
Reis and Antunes families
Reverend John Steakem
Rita Oliver
Robert Laverty
Salvatore Biancuzzo
Suzanne Varnum

Gifts in Honor:
Antonio Mendonca
Cathy and David Oliveira
Joao Afonso-Parentes
Manuel Pacheco
Mothers and fathers
Traci, Russ, Elsie, Manny, and Lance


Gifts in Memory:
Abel Cimbron
Adelaide Ismalia Medeiros
Albert E. and Bertha Julevich
All deceased members of Parry and Alfonse families
All people who have passed
All coronavirus deaths
Anthony Silva, II
Antone and Julia Lewis
Arthur and Alice Arruda
Blanche Anthony
Boles and Curran families
David Bouthillette
David P. Souza
Edna Perry
Fauzie Sylvia
Filento A. Goes
Frank, Cheryl and Frank Perry, Senior
George J. Najjar
Gerald E. Dlouhy, Mabel D. Foster, and James E. Foster
Germina Sousa
Harold Lima
Humberto, Mariana, and Rui Duarte
Gouveia and Beard families
Randy Clarkson
Joao Afonso, Maria Afonso Alves Pereira
Maria C. Pereira
Karen Jeanne Sansoucy
James Sylvia, Jr.
Jane Barry Erwin
Joe and Terry Mills

Joe and Thelma Dias, Joe and Maria Dias, Antone and Amelia Sylvia
John B. Santos
John Estrella
John F. Borges
Jose S. Cabral
Jose T. Araujo
Julia, Mother
Loranger, Petit, and Senesue families
Loved ones
Ludger Paquette family
Manuel and Violante Costa
Manuel A. DaSilva
Manuel Pinho
Maria and Jose Alcaidinho and Jose and Angeliar Arruda
Mary Carol Travers and Kenneth J. Estrella, Jr.
Mary Sullivan
Mateus family and Sousa’s
Mr. and Mrs. Calistus and Mary Sylvia, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Nunes
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Gonsalves
My parents – Lionel and Monica Saint
Nancy J. Thornton
Ned K. Leduc
Olivia P. Rosas
Our family and friends now living with the Lord
Paul Clark
Phyllis Arruda
Richard and Betty Rymszewicz
Robert and Elizabeth O’Connor
Robert A. Makin
Robert Dumas
Roselina and Adelino Simas
Son, Manuel H. DePina
Spongy and Jackie Medeiros
The Silvas
The Simoes and Medeiros families
Tony and Irene Gouveia
Two sisters
William L. Wilde

Gifts in Honor:
John E. Fenton, MD
The A.E. Scully family
The Hewey family


Gifts in memory:
Edward and Katherine Corr
Felicia and Evelyn Brochu

Francis Powers
Frank and Peg Mack
Jean and Mark McCarthy
Lorette V. Alegi
Marilyn Potolzak and Dennis Scully
Milneda Ovila Adals
The Powers and Connor families
Roberto Andres Rodriguez
Thomas E. Madan

Gifts in Honor:
Agostinho Sousa
Antone H. Medeiros, Jr.
Antonio F. Furtado
Maria Garcia
Jose F. and Dilia R. Carvalho
S. Miguel, Santo Christo


Gifts in Memory:
Abel Teves
Agostinho Sousa
Alberto and Maria Revoredo
Alvaro and Palmira Luciana Carvalito, Al Carvalito and Joao and Germana Medeiros
Antero Frias
Antonio Pavao, John and Stella Kuchar
Arthur Rezendes
Carol, Constantina, and Antonio Medeiros
Carreiros Family
Clara M. Torres, Joao De Torrea, and Antonio and Mario Aguiar
Eduardo Vieira
Eduardo Vivia
Familia Freitas
Family members
Francisco Lima
Gilbert and Eva Mello and family
Antonio Furtado
Botelho family

Jose and Maria Sousa
Jose Carlos
Jose S. Mendes
Lucinda and Fernando
Luiz Carvalho Jose and Maria de Sousa
Manuel and Irene Botelho
Manuel Martins, Jr.
Manuel Pimental
Manuel S. Silva
Maria Amelia Lourenco
Maria dos anjos Goncalo
Maria Garcia
Maria I. Araujo
Mariana Carlos
Miguel and Maria Helena Aguiar
Miguel Medeiros
My family
My parents
Noe F. daSilva and Maria R. Silva
Octavio Raposo and Damshia Haldado
Our parents
Richard Powell
Rogers Machado family
Tavares and Gonsalves Families
The Aguiar’s and Arruda’s and all of the deceased and living – God Bless
Thomas Simbro
Virginia, Mariana Borges and Stephanie Oliveira-Melo

Gifts in Honor:
Mr. and Mrs. John Andrade and John E. Gray
Public servants


Gifts in Memory:
Alesia Desa
Andrew F. Callahan, Sr.
B. Perry
Barbara Graca
Coyle and Cassidy High School
Danny Carpenter
Edward Perry
Emily and Jose Sousa
Eugene Kotouch and David Martel
Francis and Mary Ellen Dowling, Frank and Carrie Rose, Franklin and Mary Rose
Francis X. Mulcahy
George Dutra
Helen and Leonard O’Neil
Humbert and Helen Costa
Jason Buffington, Maurice Kent, John Wittig and Rheta Tuttle

Jo Ann Amaral
John Duarte
Jose Tavares Jr., brother
Joseph Jackson
Judith Lake
Lois and Frank Cash
Manuel DaRosa
Mark, Matthew, and Luke
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Figueiredo, Sr. and Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenith LaCroix
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Fortin
My parents, Francisco Resende and Maria Ventura and his parents, Jose and Estrella Torres
My Wife, Deborah A. Maguy
Ralph H. Charlwood
Sheila Bond
Rodrigo T. Silva, Gilda Cabral, and Lil Alves
The family of Frank and Mary Dutra of Dighton
Thomas and Margaret Clifford
Virginia and Arthur Silva

Gifts in Honor:
The living members of Geronimo family
John Robbins
Rodrigo and Aurora Rausa
The DeSousa family
The Matthews and Noes families


Gifts in Memory:
Conutrar John Vatoli
David Medeiros
Driscoll and Sheehan Family
Forgeron Family
Father Leonard Mullaney
Francis and Mildred Hoar
Herve H. Lajoie

Hugo Nunez
Elvio deSousa
The Geronimo family members who have passed
Madeline Bouchard
Matthew W. Houlihan
My husband, Raymond F. Martin
Myron and Nicole Medeiros
Ralph Tor
Richard I. Hardy
Richard Mongean
Richard Peron
Robert Deer
Sarah Grayson
The Dupre and Gagnon families
The Grant and Geishecker families

Gifts in Honor:
Albert D. Marzilli
All who need
Gilberte Desrosiers
Judy Walker
Medeiros family
My parents and brother
We the People


Gifts in Memory:
Aidan Fitzsimmons Corcoran  and Lisa Phelo-Corcoran
Alfred V. Medeiros
Alfred and Michal
All who helped
Antonio F. Cabral
Arthur Pacheco
Barbara M. Reis
Daniel and Amelia Correia
Daniel P. Pavao
Deceased Rafanan and Benedeto families
Dennis Pereira
Dolores A. Chace
Dorgan and Fitzsimmons families
Edna M. Smith
Elizabeth Walmsley

Emmanuel J. Couto and Pedro P. DeCouto
Claire Marie Marzilli
Irene Arruda, Rose Marie Pereira
John (Jack) W. Toulan (son)
John F. Lockett, Jr.
John P. Sheppard
Joseph and Paulette Foster
Joseph and Marjorie Mulready, Harold and Catherine Meehan, David and Bill Meehan
Luis M. Ramos
Mary Mayer
Michael and Viola Perillo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dufresne
Mrs. Leona O’Brien
My husband
My husband, Thomas DeVido
Our daughter, Jennifer A. Depin (1967-1986)
Pettine family
Quinn and Gauthier families
Raymond Sousa
Richard Rousseau
Robert Blanchette
Roland and Sophia Beaulieu
Stephen Paskowski

Gifts in Honor:
Sonia L. Strawn
Therese Thomas
William Barboza
World peace


Gifts in Memory:
Adelarde and Manuel DaSilva
All deceased of our families
All those for whose mass of Christian burial I sang/cantored
All those who died for whom I participated with music ministry for their funerals
Almon W. Westgate
Andre O. Durocher
Annie L. Veiga
Arthur A. Douylliez
Arthur P. Boutiette
Barbara Santos
Carol Curran
Connie Rufino and John Wambolt
Degrenier family members
Edward and Aurora Graca
Eleanor Kottmann
Eleanor T. Saunders
Family members deceased
Fernandes and Gomes family

Florindo and Rusinoski family
Gladys and Ferdinard Macedo, Virsinio Macedo
Guy Stephens and Daughter Carrie Stephens
In Memory Arlene L. Booker
John and Anna Masterson
John C. Raymond
John D. Lapean
Joseph and Marie Rose, Mike Farrell
Lois Spang
Lorraine Beauregard
Lorraine Farrar
Louis Grossi
Louise Brogioli
Mr. and Mrs. Filenio J. Cardoza
Manny and Claire Sylvia
Marie and Delfim DeSausa
Marie Barry
McCarthy family and Larson family of Wollaston, MA
The McDonnell and DelGrande family
My parents, Antonia and Chester Cherubin
My son, Chad Rusinoski
Paul and Theresa Cardalino
Rose William Floyd
Roy M. Franklin
Theodore Drummond

Gifts in Honor:
All HealthCare Workers
Barry Shinlock
Joseph and Edith Perry


Gifts in Memory:
Bob Dutra
Edward and Mary Nelpi
Edward L. Perry
Francis A. Medeiros
John and Rita Kapral

Robert R. Enos
Jacqueline Quigley
Joan R. Russell
John and Gertrude Maroon and family members
Joseph and Meads Families
Leo J. Morris
My late husband, John Spingler
Patricia Macara
Robert Alves
Rose and Raymond Marter
Victims of the Virus

Gifts in Honor:
All priests serving St. Pius X, South Yarmouth
Fletcher and McCarthy families
Harrington family
Harry DeStephano, Vet
Joan DeAmicis
Josephine Holly Nelson
Louis Ciavarra
Mesquita/Charpentier family
Mom – watches Mass on computer every day in Watertown, MA
My husband
Our loved ones here and gone to eternal rest
Our retired Priests
Ruane family
William and Jane Earle
William H. Garrity


Gifts in Memory:
All COVID-19 deaths
Armano L. Galdi
Arthur and Helen Russo and Katherine Terminello
Barba family
Barbara Jane Kendrick
Brother Michael
Carlo and Rosa Pilatti
Charles and Florence McCarthy and James Wyse
Christopher Daniel Dodge
Culbreth family
Donald Anderson – Eileen Borrelli
Donald L. Gallucci
Donald P. Kosak
Edward Oberlander
Eglantine, David, Eleanor and Gus
Fallon family
Ferdinand and Angela Aufier and Millal and Geneva Chapman
Francis L. Zauacki
Frank and Mary Sheehy
George Kovatch
George Lewis
George Matheson
George Paoli
Gerald and Hazel Edgreen
Harold Williams
Harry N. Dietz
Herbert H. King
Lynore Grasso

Isidro, Avitia
J. Frank and Catharine V. MacLelland
James Davis
Janet Kohr and John Kohr, Jr.
Joan P. Dunn
John A. McEachern, Jr.
John and Mary Sheehan
John Foran, Marion Foran, Robert and Mary Fitzgerald
Joseph and Irene Yesko
Joseph R. Behnke
Kathleen McAuliffe Pappas
Kenires, Ainswoth and Whelan families
Lance Ross
Louis and Mary Elizabeth Sposini
Marilyn Sardillo, Shirley Terminello, Anthony Russo and Raymond Finnegan
Mary and her deceased husband
Margaret M. Arcikowski
Marie F. Dacangeli
Marie Perna
Mary E. Connolly
Mary K. Williamson
Mary Silvia
Maryellem Standring
McCann family deceased
Mercier/Andrews families
Michael and Mary Chimber
Mr. and Mrs. Palie, Patti Poulin, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Nelson and Mark Nelson
My parents
My son Mark Anthony Nisbet
My son, Ned DiGregorio
My spouse, James Healy
Norma Bedard
Norman G. Fontaine and Leo G. Hamel
Our three children
Parents and family
Pat Donovan
Paul K. Murphy
Pauline Lapointe
Raymond Pelletier
Reynal de St. M. Thebaud, Jr.
Robert and Mary Kennedy
Sal DePalo
Sister Estrella LeBlaue
Stefana Puleo Ferris
Steven Saling
Thomas E. Reynolds
William and Bessie Perrault and Martin J. Joyce
William H. Garrity
William H. McKenna

Gifts in Honor:
Father Bill Campbell
Lucy P. Napoli
St. Rita’s parishioners


Gifts in Memory:
Albert Costa
Claire R. McCarthy
Eugene Bertand, Sr. and Eugene Bertand, Jr.

Fathallah and Toutoungi
Germano and Lepage families
Ralph and Anne Murray
Jim Cattel, Naomi Cattel, and Mary Jeanne Langevin
Leonard and Regina Desantels
Lucy P. Napoli
Matthew and Michael Cafarella
Mr. and Mrs. James Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kelleher, Jr.

Gifts in Honor:
Mary Ellis


Gifts in Memory:
Antonio De Sousa
Sr. Theresa Mary Gondek RSM

John and Mary Furtak
Luis Guillermo, Rodriguez Peralta, and Aurea T. Cintura
Mary Knapinski
Michael David Wrobel
Mildred Mills
Mrs. Valerie Butler, Mark and Teresa Butler

Gifts in Honor:
Father Gallant


Gifts in Memory:
Albert Chlebek
All the seniors of Life Care Center of Attleboro who died from COVID-19
Andrew Silva
Anthony and Irene Langella
Elvira and George Powers
Francis G. Cote
Jeanette and Raymond Gagne
Isabella Brady, John Hess
Joao and Elvira Viverios

John F. Casper
Joseph R. Chabot
Joseph R. Vierra, husband
Mary Souto
Michael R. Quinn (1/14/1967 – 10/27/1984)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard P. Lee
Ms. Christine M. Clegg
Our deceased family and friends
Pariseau and Southworth families
Peg and Tom Foley
Rev James Fahey
Robert and Marie Roy
Robert Joubert
Theo and Yvonne Beauregard
Vincent Gravel
Our daughter Kimberly Lima Ritacco

Gifts in Honor:
Al and Edith Perry
All sick people
Love… health, and everything good!
Matthew Wanger
Mother Mary, Roger Chasse, Jr.
Our Veterans


Gifts in Memory:
Albert Capeto and Lucille Franco
Alice Cabeceras
Alphonse Carpenter
Andrew Sr., Jr., and Cora Sullivan
Bill Whalen
Burke and Nadeau families
Delia and Joseph White
Eduardo Leonardo
Elsie Soares
Fintan Farrelly
Florence Callanan
Francis Anthony Miozza
Francis J. Silvia
George and Lucy Oliveira
Grandparents and in-laws, Oliveira, Gerald, Barbara

James E. Feeney and Jacqueline M. Feeney
John Miranda
Lauretta Machado
Mona Kiven Darlene
Mother Mary
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bedard and Son
Mr. and Mrs. John and Mary Rak
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A Brassard
Norman Bessette
Norman R. Leary
Provencal and Lavoie families
Reverend Father Roger Memullen
Richard E. Crowell
Rita Gisherman
Robert and Eileen O’Neill
Roger Chasse, Jr.
Thomas and Martha McVey
Thomas Nabb
Thomas Tetrault
Virginia Bradbury

Gifts in Memory:
Alban and Carole Vincent
Araujo family
Armand and Irene Fisher
Dias Family and Lopes family
Douglas St. Pierre
Fernandes and DeaPineida families
Seo Summerville and Wissam Greigre
James M. Cunningham
Joseph E. Fitton Jr.
Manuel Claudino
Manuel Rainha (Nov. 21, 2019)
Mercedes Madrid
Miguel A. Bucaro
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Prefontaine
Norberto and Leoner Furtado
Our son Robert Santos
Our sons Brian and Kevin Desrosiers
Paul Poutx
The Yarbors family and the Draw family
Toda a Familia Pereira Martinez

Gifts in Honor:
Chuck Blackington
Elmer J. Paulhus
Front line workers during COVID-19
Healthcare workers and first responders
Mr. and Mrs. H. Carr
Jesus, my Lord
Mariano A. Araujo
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Ierardi
Ms. Kendra Fernandes
Our dedicated parish preists and staff
In honor of us all!


Gifts in Memory:
All souls
Armand P. Provost
Arthur “Skip” Harrington
Boehling and Sheridan families
Bruce Young
Charles Legg, who passed away Aug. 29, 2019
Christine A. Brousseau
Dana L. Collar
Deceased family members
Deceased members of the Faliberte and Bradley families
Deceased members of the Taylor, Young and Gaudette families
Edward A. Dion
Edward Slattery, Jr.
Eugene Piechota
Family, Ellis and Alvarado
Frank and Adelaide Hassett
George and Ann Fish
George Lopes
Gerard Dufault
The good priests of St. Mary’s, North Attleboro
H. and C. Roland, C. and F. and C.M. Moore
Helen and Wilbur Weldon
Helen Zibuda
Mr. and Mrs. James Chisholm

Irene D. Larocque
Jamelang, Glennberger Amedeo and Agnes Antonellis
Jeannette E. Battista
Joe and Connie Valente
Joseph Drzal
Joseph E. Smith
Judy Leco
Lorrie Lynn Hosa
Louis P. Abdou
Mary Stroscio
Matthew McGowan
Mel Santos
Michael DaCruz
Michael Meaney
Michael O’Connor
Miriam Dumas
Mr. and Miss Bonneau
Mr. and Mrs. E. Catellier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jaron and Steve Jarozewski
My two children Denise and Billy, God Bless and hold them lovingly
My husband, Dr. Ronald L. Ciombor
Newelda A. Legg
Norma Brousseau
Patricia Carvalho
Paul Fournier
Ralph Dearden
Ralph Vlcek
Ray and Susan Macomber
Richard E. Quinn, Jr.
Robert “Pop” McCorry, Jack “Gummy” Kearney, and Mary Kearney
Robert E. Dorr, Sr.
Robert Guillette
Robert McGrath
Robert V. Pedro
Saunders and Follett families
Shirley Ann Brunelle
Stephen Small
Susanne Wignall
William Conroy
William R. Forsythe

Gifts in Honor:
John Andrade
In appreciation for the TV Mass
Those in need
Gifts in Memory:
Alice C. Bernier
All those who have died caring for the sick
Edmund and Nancy Polaczak
John and Pauline Pontes

CommitmentEst. annual scholarship funds availableApproximate number of annual scholarships @ $2500 each
$75,000$3,7502 ($2,500 and $1,250)