2022 Revenue and Expenditures

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The 2022 Catholic Appeal Statement of Revenue and Expenditures

Total 2022 Catholic Appeal Raised$4,300,000
Support from the Catholic Appeal has been given in the following ways:
Social Services & Child Care
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fall River (formerly Catholic Social Services)$1,250,000
St. Vincent’s Services$50,000
Catholic Youth Organization$50,000
Apostolate to the Sick
Healthcare Ministry to the Sick/Hospital Chaplaincy$625,000
Nursing Homes Pastoral Support$125,000
Catholic Schools Support$1,150,000
Support to Pastoral Ministries
Community Action for Better Housing$50,000
Office for Religious$40,000
Permanent Diaconate$25,000
Spanish Apostolate$75,000
St. Mary’s Cathedral Support$120,000
Vocations Office and Support of Seminarians$375,000
Communications (includes support for the weekly TV Mass and The Anchor)$225,000
Secretariat for the New Evangelization (includes Faith Formation, Family Ministry, RCIA, Pro-Life Apostolate, and Campus Ministry)$500,000
Support for Parishes Exceeding Catholic Appeal Fundraising Goals$75,000
Fundraising Costs$300,000

**Other sources of revenue for the Diocese of Fall River must cover the difference between the
Catholic Appeal dollars raised and total disbursements made or allocated ($735,000 in fiscal year 2023).
These are projected disbursements to be made over the course of the fiscal year which runs from
July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.