Adopt a Child

Some donors who desire to have a direct impact on a child’s education may choose to “adopt-a-child”. This program enables a donor to support a child by pledging $5000 a year for each year a student is in K-8 and/or $10,000 per year for a student’s high school tuition. The donor may designate which type of student he/she would like to sponsor; i.e. from a single parent home, of a certain ethnic group, homeless children, adopted children, etc. If desired, the donor will have a chance to meet the child or children being supported as well as receive thank you notes.

Current Grade of ChildElementary School CommitmentHigh School CommitmentTotal Commitment
Kindergarten$5,000 / year x 9 years$10,000 x 4 years$85,000
Third Grade$5,000 / year x 6 years$10,000 x 4 years$70,000
Sixth Grade$5,000 / year x 3 years$10,000 x 4 years$55,000
Eighth Grade$5,000 / year x 1 year$10,000 x 4 years$45,000
Ninth Grade----$10,000 x 4 years$40,000

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