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Pastoral Ministry to the Sick

A U.S. Army veteran and a Franciscan, Deacon Tony Cipriano provides compassionate support at Morton Hospital in Taunton, MA to patients and families, without exception, at some of the most difficult moments of their lives. “If we didn’t have chaplains in the hospitals, the pain and suffering that people experience is so great, they would have absolutely no one to turn to,” said Deacon Tony.

Each day at hospitals throughout the Diocese of Fall River, our chaplains and religious are making a difference for those who are in pain, sick, and suffering in the form of visits, distribution of Communion, and administration of the Sacrament of the Sick.

According to Deacon Tony, simply being by a patient’s side can make a tremendous difference. “That’s the reward God gave me,” he said. “That opportunity to say now’s your time to serve. Be there. You don’t even have to say anything. Just be there with that person in that moment. I think that is so significant.”

Your gift to the Catholic Appeal supports ongoing pastoral ministry to the sick. Please help Deacon Tony and many others remain a source of hope, light, and love when it is needed most.

Diocese of Fall River
Pastoral Ministry to the Sick
2018 Statistics
Tobey Hospital, WarehamMorton Hospital, Taunton
Catholic Admissions 5,628Catholic Admissions 5,186
Chaplain visits 2,770Chaplain visits 8,090
Communion to patients 2,290Communion to patients5,346
Sacrament of the Sick310Sacrament of the Sick 1,297
Emergencies (sacraments)14Emergencies (sacraments)18
Saint Luke’s Hospital, New BedfordCape Cod Hospital, Hyannis
Catholic Admissions 14,216Catholic Admissions 6,760
Chaplain visits 16,281Chaplain visits 5,586
Communion to patients 9,689Communion to patients 5,387
Sacrament of the Sick 3,570Sacrament of the Sick 849
Emergencies (sacraments) 161Emergencies (sacraments) 83
Sturdy Memorial Hospital, AttleboroCharlton Memorial Hospital, Fall River
Catholic Admissions
1,563Catholic Admissions 12,370
Chaplain visits 5,417Chaplain visits 14,279
Communion to patients 3,493Communion to patients 7,543
Sacrament of the Sick 838Sacrament of the Sick 658
Emergencies (sacraments)12Emergencies (sacraments)101
Falmouth Hospital, Falmouth
Catholic Admissions 7,895
Chaplain visits 6,293
Communion to patients 4,309
Sacrament of the Sick 91
Emergencies (sacraments)9

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