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Office for Persons with Disabilities

Office for Persons with Disabilities (OPD), a program of Catholic Social Services, assists those with disabilities, their families, and caretakers throughout the Diocese of Fall River. They serve people of all ages and all types of disabilities, through case management, advocacy, referral and information services, benefits applications, and more. The wide ranging services they provide offer a new lease on life. These include temporary shelter, handicapped-accessible and ADA-compliant housing, a personal care attendant (PCA) to help with everyday needs such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning, and vocational services.

The OPD fills its clients with hope and ambitions for a future without limits. Your gift to the Catholic Appeal sustains the work of the Office for Persons with Disabilities, and gives those with disabilities the greatest gift of all: the renewed promise of a life filled with possibility.

Office for Persons with Disabilities
2017-2018 Statistics
Number of unique contacts: 667 – This includes phone calls, meetings, and appointments for individuals requesting assistance from across the Diocese of Fall River.Agency consults: 301
Advocacy: 54Diocesan Outreach: 4
Community Outreach Cases: 14Workshops: 2 – The office provides workshops in areas regarding estate planning for persons with disabilities.
Case management: 305PCA surrogacy cases: 63 – The office offers surrogacy for PCA services in emergency cases, and for some clients, complete service coordination and case management.
PCA’s employed: 115Committees: 3 – One of our disability advocates is a board member of: Spiritual Connections in Fall River; Bridges to Faith in New Bedford; and Spiritual Explorations in Taunton.
Clients receiving food delivery: 6

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